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picture hanging strips with adhesive - melsan heavy duty hook and loop strips with adhesive for classroom diy, home, office use white, 12 pairs 1x7 inch logo

I bought this to mount a gaming steering wheel to a desk. The velcro part sticks great to each other. The sticky back sticks great to a flat surface. The desk I use it on is a little textured so the sticky side didn't stick too well to that. I have to use 4 pieces where i think 2 pieces would have been just fine on a flat surface.See full review

fbsport foldable balance beam: non-slip gymnastics equipment for kids and adults, ideal for training, practice, physical therapy and professional home gymnastics logo

This is appropriate for play, or for beginner gymnastics (up to/including cartwheels and back walkovers). This is a lot softer than an actual beam, so any jumping skills are a bit worrysome. As an adult, walking on it smushes the foam enough to where it doesn't feel stable to do tricks.certainly not handsprings or heavy jumps/flips.On the upside, it's really lightweight and portable. Fits under a bed or propped up in a closet for storage. I wanted to love it, but ended up not being what I neededSee full review

avilana silicone body scrubber: 2-in-1 body and shampoo brush for gentle exfoliation and scalp massage logo

I've had this for months now and it's so much more comfortable and less wasteful than plastic loofas. Awesome product. loved it.See full review

water-resistant sewing machine pad organizer with pockets - floral print on green background - ideal mat for sewing machine accessories - pacmaxi sewing machine mat logo

This is a great addition to my sewing room. The pad was large enough for my sewing/quilting/embroidery machine. The various pockets are great for holding frequently used tools and thus keeps the surrounding area clutter free.See full review

women's high waisted ripped hole denim shorts with distressed wash 1 logo

New favorite shorts

Revainrating 5 out of 5

They aren’t exactly high waisted or at least not what I’d consider as such. But they are still very comfortable and surprisingly perfect fitting.See full review

💪 enhance your workout with yianna latex underbust jsculpt waist trainer: double training belt for optimal results logo

I thought this would be great for the gym but it is not but it still shapes the body very nicely. I would say go one size up I got a M and I should have gotten a large. The two straps do not come off so you have to put it on over it. This waist trainer does have a wires in it so it will keep back straight.See full review

gold plated big thin hoop earrings set for sensitive ears - lightweight minimalist design in various sizes - perfect for women and girls logo

Love these hoops and that they come in a variety of colors. Lightweight, comfortable, not too big and a good value. Will be a repeat customer!See full review

chisel slate tru texture trowel for vertical concrete: enhance your concrete designs logo

This innovative concrete trowel is a game-changer for anyone wanting to add depth and texture to their concrete designs. The Chisel Slate Tru Texture Trowel creates a realistic slate texture on vertical concrete, allowing for unique and eye-catching finishes. The trowel is easy to use and requires minimal effort to create an impressive texture. The stainless steel blade is durable and long-lasting, ensuring that it will be a valuable addition to any concrete project for years to come. One of theSee full review

fisca 15-channel rc excavator with sound and lights - realistic construction vehicle toy logo

This was a gift for my grandson he is very intelligent and 11 years old still has not figured out how the remote control works at all times smaller than I thought it would be no need for so many channels and frequency hard to believe there is Due to the response of the remote control my grandson believes it makes for a nice modelSee full review

solar christmas tree lights garden outdoor waterproof: multi-color flickering pine lights for patio lawn pathway decoration logo

I have 4 set in my front yard. They go on just fine and look cute. Mutlicolored with primary colors. The material feels and looks like the plastic algae/seaweed from an aquarium. You can pull the branches to make them more full. The points cam off in the ground when I went to move the lights, so I have to dig them out at some point. Otherwise, they go on at night/ stay on for a while. Looks nice. See full review

stay sun-safe with play lip balm spf 30 infused with acai. logo

I love this brand and use many of their items so I know their sun protection is on point. I just can’t get past the strong sunscreen taste on this one though & it prevents me from using it often.See full review

emergency call button with caregiver pager and doorbell for seniors - home alert system for patient and nurse care - 1 receiver, 1 call button, and 1 doorbell included by daytech logo

We have had several alert systems like this one and most of the time the signal is not reliable from our guest room to our master bedroom, but this product is the exception. We used this while an older family friend was staying with us who needs help getting up out of bed and with other tasks. It always alerted us perfectly and the massive selection of alert sounds is awesome as well. We also use the button remote as a doorbell since it reaches all the way from our front gate into the house, theSee full review

deluxe fleece blanket with sleeves - wearable, warm & cozy for women men adults - charcoal gray logo

My grandson has limbs girdle muscular destrophy he can’t pull the blanket upon himself so I got this Snuggie he loves it because it is so soft and warm and of now he don’t have the problem in the middle of the night with his blanket falling down not being able to get it he plays xbox in it has went up and down the road of the evenings with it on . So glad I decided to try it and the price was just unbelievable.See full review

1" malleable cast iron black floor flange 20 pack fit for steampunk furniture,industrial supplies, floral, lamps, hanging racks, shelves diy and so on logo

These are smaller than your typical home depot/lowes floor flanges w/ 3 screw holes vs. 4, but for home made furniture etc they're perfect.See full review

flygo men's fleece pants winter warm joggers pants active sherpa lined sweatpants logo

I bought this sherpa lined sweatpants for my mountain trip in winter. It is great! The size just fit me, and the lined sherpa is very soft and thick enough for cold weather. It has elastic waist, so I feel comfortable to wear it and has no difficulty to bend or squat down. I especially like the zipped pockets on both sides, so I can put something inside safely. Great to have it!See full review

foowin portable monitor display speaker 15.8", 1920x1080p, 60hz, z1, hdmi logo

Like most of us, I usually work with two screens to make my life easier. I'm going to be working from another country for a month and was afraid of spending so much time with just a small laptop screen (I have a MacBook Air). I almost went for another screen that was the same price after reading a few reviews about it on a travel site, but Revain recommended this one so I checked it out. Another screen I looked at required buying different types of cables, at least according to the reviews, but See full review

ident-a-kid logo

I like how easy it was to set up, my staff loves being able to check in visitors with ease! The only thing I would say we dislike about this system is when you are at school there isn't much information available for parents/visitors who aren't logged into your account which can be frustrating if they need assistance or want to know what time pick ups will happen etc. But other than that everything has been great so far. It's definitely worth trying out as it makes things easier! We have had noSee full review

reactflow logo

The best part is that I can track my website with this tool as it has a dashboard for everything. It's very simple to use, even if you're new at marketing & analytics! Also there are many other tools like Google Analytics which helps me in tracking things but the main issue of GA is its UI whereas react flow's interface looks more appealing than google analytics. If you want a good web analysis tool then go ahead because react flow does all what one needs. We used react flow for our e-commerce sSee full review

motel manager logo

I like the ability to manage all of my properties from one platform. I like the ability to have the data stored in one place. I like the ability to have all my properties in one place. I dislike that it is not as user friendly as it could be. I would like to have the ability to create a new property in one place. I would like to be able to see what is going on in each of my properties. I would like to be able to see all of the info on one screen. I would like to be able to search for propertiesSee full review

testelium logo

I like that it's easy enough so people can use without much training - but you do need some knowledge about how things work in order get most out if this software! If they could make an easier way (or at least more intuitive) into using their API we would be super happy with them!! The best part by far has been being able solve our integration problems once &for all rather than having multiple vendors trying different methods each time something goes wrong or changes are needed down stream from See full review

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