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32" tv tuvio full hd dled on yandex.tv platform, stv-32fdfbk1r, black logo

In this price category (11k), in terms of the totality of characteristics, it is out of competition. I was worried about the matrix, after some reviews, I worried in vain. There are no noticeable highlights, the corners are good, the picture is juicy, in general, normal ips. I turned it on, connected it to the wifi, waited until it was ated, everything is ok, nothing slows down at all. I handed the remote control to my wife, did not ask a single question) children and even more so. A rare purchaSee full review

well pump dab divertron 1000 m (650 w) logo

This pump was purchased to raise water from a well. A water pipe was laid on the site, and an input to the house was also made. DAB 1000 is convenient in that I connected it to the water pipe with a 1" hose, lowered it into the well, plugged the plug into the socket and forgot about it. If you need water, the pump turns on when you open the tap. The pump is not critical to the flow of water through it, you are calm regulate the force of water pressure with a tap at the outlet. After closing the See full review

cordiant snow cross 195/65 r15 91t winter logo

Do not buy. Tires do not work out winter conditions, only along the streets with reagents and ride in positive temperatures. They continue to lower the rim, the second time I went to a tire fitting, but already a repair one, they said the tire itself was bad, even a new one, it was dubious and did not hold the road, they recommended changing it. Total additional costs due to these tires: +10 for a crumpled door after driving into the side of the road, + 2 for repair tire fitting of 2 wheelsSee full review

smart watch x8 pro 8 series black w&o / smart watch 8 series logo

In appearance, they look stylish and modern, suitable for both jeans and business attire. Bright, juicy screen, with good color reproduction. It is convenient to use wireless charging, no troubles with wires. As for the shortcomings, in fact, notifications only come to them about calls, SMS, instant messengers and Gmail. Notifications from mail. Ru, FBontakte, etc. cannot be tied up. A bunch of unnecessary software, such as a barometer, measuring body temperature, etc. The indicators are very coSee full review

laptop briefcase bag 15.6-16 inch business shoulder bag for macbook ultrabook size 40-30-3cm light gray logo

It came well packed, without threads, the seams are even, there is an additional section for a mouse or documents, A4 sheet will fitSee full review

grill kitfort kt-1655, black logo

I have been using this glass electric kettle for many years, it works without problems. I decided to buy an electric grill, after a week of study I decided that this model is the best, given the price on the market (I took it for 2700). As for the grill, it is solid, heavy, we have already tried to cook a couple of times, there is a nuance - the smoke during the cooking process, I would like the panels to be removable, but alas, in general, it is not difficult to take care of them. This productSee full review

gaming chair chairman game 15, upholstery: imitation leather, color: black/red logo

In general, price = quality. Bought the second, the first took a year ago for the house. Cheaper with fixing the position of the seat at will, I have not found. Naturally, you need to save on something. Hence, not the highest quality microlift (it has been working at home for a year, at work - a month and goodbye) and felt mounting bolts in the seat (at 76 kg. Weight). By the way, this was not felt at home with bolts.See full review

wifi elm327 1.5 autoscanner wifi elm 327 obd2 chip pic18f25k80 logo

I bought this device to work through a laptop. The Windows icon on the packaging makes it clear that the scanner can work with this OS! It was 1.5 hours of my torment in the hope of connecting it to Windows! More precisely, Windows connects to it via WiFi, but no program sees it! I connected it to both iOS and Android - everything is fine! It seems to me that if my kettle had WiFi, then it would connect to it, but not to Windows!See full review

grill tefal optigrill elite xl gc760d30, silver/black logo

Before buying, we read reviews about other companies, but they only found about a good crust about this grill, first of all, the wife squeaks with delight, and then I ! !See full review

video recorder digma freedrive 303 mirror dual, 2 cameras, black logo

I originally considered buying a classic registrar on a suction cup, but this one saves a lot of space. It shoots in full hd, the video on the laptop is clearly visible down to the smallest parts.See full review

antifreeze nissan l248 premix 1 l logo

Bought on top. There are a lot of reviews on the network about this antifreeze, that it contains an incomprehensible suspension. Decided to check it out and it turned out to be true. I did not see any comments from the sellers, what is it, marriage or technological additives. Didn't top up.See full review

led fog lights 70w ptf lada (vaz) granta / lada (vaz) granta, lada (vaz) vesta / lada (vaz) vesta logo

Plastic is scratched by a rag, but it's not scary, you can tighten it with a film. They do not shine; none. On the second day, they lost their tightness, both of them fogged up. Useless thing.See full review

engine foam decoking lavr complex, 400 ml, ln2510 logo

didn't believe. already purchased gaskets for the valve cover, cylinder head and valve stem seals for five thousand. but the men did not advise in every possible way to remove the head for the time being. mileage 113000, logan 2022. guzzled oil, drop dead soot on one candle, but most of all infuriated detonation on hot days. It was time for an oil change and I decided to give it a try. I did everything according to the instructions, lowered the temperature of the engine to 50, it's good that theSee full review

stripper knipex 12 62 180 black/red logo

Now it easily strips very thin wires without slipping, which are used in car alarms. Installers and luxury builders will be pleased. It has become easier to bite into the wiring braid - the insulation shift is more than half a centimeter. Some pros: The manufacturer has ated the device! Now there is an adjustment of the pressing force on the upper lip (the photo of the product is not relevant). Now it easily strips very thin wires without slipping, which are used in car alarms. Installers and luSee full review

mobile air conditioner electrolux eacm-13hr/n3, white logo

Installed in a shopping pavilion in the suburbs. It is made of panels, so I calmly threw a highway through the wall. And in general, a good air conditioner, it heated and cooled well last season and now it works well. Clear drying, convenient remote control, reliable in all settings.See full review

bluetooth aux adapter for mazda logo

Quite a fast connection, which takes about 5 minutes. It takes more time to assemble and disassemble the panels and search for the desired PIN on the Internet. If you follow the instructions, everything works without problems and shutdowns. It would be desirable to add a pinout to the instructions so that it is more complete, but this is so by the way.See full review

nexen winguard ice suv 225/65 r17 102q winter logo

After a year of operation, two tires became crooked. At all speeds above 40 km / h, a beating occurs, which is strongly transmitted to the chassis. Tires were used carefully, without going off-road. I consider this a manufacturing defect. No amount of balancing will help if the tire is like an egg. The only way out is to buy new tires.See full review


Main answer. Switches are not in the film. They have always been and are just in the box. This is how the manufacturer packs. If the switch is in a film, then it was pulled into it by the seller. So it's more suspicious than without film.See full review


Its pros: An antiseptic can be used in two forms - as a protection of wood from environmental influences and as a paint itself. A lot of shades of impregnation, there is plenty to choose from Got cons: It may not be the most durable option as a paint, but time will tell. In the photo, the house was painted in the summer of 2022. The layers are fresh, not yet experienced autumn and winterSee full review


Upright vacuum cleaner is a thing! I was convinced of this personally, I wanted to for a long time, but I didn’t have all the possibilities. Now I’m really enjoying the process, because I don’t need to carry this car with me on a wire. There are several nozzles for cleaning, you can vacuum furniture, children constantly crumble. Enough charge for a full cleaning. Who still chooses between a conventional vacuum cleaner and a vertical one, I don’t even recommend thinkingSee full review

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