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nikon 50mm f/1.4g af-s nikkor lens, black logo

I took it for portraits - it fulfills its task 100% noticed that the main -95% travel of the focusing ring - lies within 0.45 -3 meters - at these distances from the object it works perfectly. With its pros: weight, accuracy and confidence af in twilight - good bokeh . . colors . ha small Has cons: my copy - accurately focuses only at distances of 0.5-4 meters to the object - then misses . . or squeeze the hole.See full review

backpack waterproof, backpack bag transformer logo

A backpack from the category of nothing special, pecked only because there is a zipper to expand the compartment. I thought that goods more expensive than 3 thousand should be worthy of those that are cheaper, but alas. Took without reviews. Knowing it would be like this, I wouldn't have bought it.See full review

sewer installation vortex kn-300 (300 w) logo

Arranged a shower and sink at the dacha. Due to the narrow space, it was not possible to make a good slope of the fanina, the drains did not have time to leave, it was necessary to increase the outflow with a pump. In terms of dimensions, the Whirlwind fits perfectly into a narrow space, does not interfere, but pumps out perfectly. The operation is fully automatic, and thanks to the non-return valve, there is no return of wastewater. Noisy not to say that much, but audible.See full review

blood pressure monitor and ua-777 with large cuff and mains adapter logo

This is our second such tonometer. Thought ours was broken, ordered a second one. It turned out that the adapter failed, but the device works. And he, for a moment, has been with us since 2022. I recommend.See full review

bfgoodrich advantage 225/55 r17 101y summer logo

I took a set in size 215 65 r16 on a Chevrolet Orlando. The tires are not bad, they hold the road, at speeds of 130-140 it’s quite comfortable both in terms of acoustic comfort and handling. Rutting is not very fond of, in wet weather it is very good, the drainage is decent, there was no aquaplaning even in huge puddles at 100-120. Wear resistance is excellent, without exaggeration. Then why 4 stars and not five? ). It's all about the runout that appeared on the run of about 55 thousand, at firsSee full review

32" tv tuvio full hd dled on yandex.tv platform, stv-32fdfbk1r, black logo

TV with all discounts, points, etc. came out in 6k - everything that I expected (both good and bad), I got). For this price for a kitchen with this size - there are no complaints about it) Some pros: A system from for undemanding use in conjunction with a plus is a handy thing. The image is normal. The sound is normal. Stands in the kitchen - you don't need more) Has cons: Somewhat slow, which is to be expected. After turning on, you need to wait until it accelerates. Even when it accelerates, See full review


. bought in 20 liter, the price came out cheaper than gazprom . the zmz405 engine ate a lot of oil, up to a liter for 500-700km. turns everything just as briskly . in general, now I will pour it on all my cars .See full review


It is not entirely clear why the D90 is considered amateur. Has some pros: 1) The 18-105 lens is not only convenient at focal lengths, but also sharp at an open aperture. You can easily shoot portraits at 105 and 5.6. Not a fix, but the bokeh is much nicer than the usual 18-55. Convenient manual focus. There is a focus tupit, it can turn the focus on the desired object, and the camera will understand this and focus. Just don't let go of the shutter button when pressed halfway. 2) Aperture repeaSee full review


Its pros: They help quite well, I take it after cruciate ligament plastic surgery. Previously, the leg swelled from exertion, now there is no edema Some cons: The capsules are quite large, it may be inconvenient for someone to take.See full review


Pros below: High-quality, quiet operation, powerful, good case included, long cord. The hose is long enough. Some cons: It is difficult to navigate on the pressure gauge scale, because. A large range of 0-7 bar, correspondingly low accuracy, is hard to read.See full review


The stove was bought mainly for heating the garage. But, since I live in a private house, and the stove does not require electricity, we often use gazebos to heat in winter. It is easy to move, there is a chassis. Heats well, the heating power is adjustable.See full review


Others stood, 2022, creaked and squeaked so that pedestrians were frightened, threw away the packaging, departed for a week, I do not recommend. 2022 firm ADRSee full review


Take your time with the choice, it is better to have a more expensive average among the leaders than the supposedly flagship but from a dubious supplier. Among my acquaintances from the digital sphere, I have collected a lot of negativity specifically on TRlink. Its pros: I didn’t find it, from two laptops in two different rooms (foam block partition) it’s uncomfortable in a regular zoom video call. Desperate and selling for next to nothing on ebay. Different cons: Price tag. I bought for 10 I sSee full review


I use my home NAS. The network built into the motherboard periodically hung under load. This card does not care about the load. It is only necessary when buying to spend time choosing a store where they sell the original. The differences between the original and the fake are described in detail in other reviews and in the discussion. From one store they brought a fake exactly as described, from another (more expensive) they brought the original (with yottamark and so on). Everything is ok, but See full review


when the backlight was turned on for the first time in the cases of all three fans, something began to sparkle . . some of the LEDs burned out. What remains of the RGB backlight can be seen in the photo. RESULT: never again for any money. .See full review


At first, I didn’t understand why I couldn’t make contact until Alice said that I needed to ate the application at home with Alice, namely, this application was from Google Play, and there was an AppGallary, I ated and everything connected. The column itself is excellent, funny, you can talk, so to speak, a virtual girlfriend. It was a surprise to me that you can connect it as a baby monitor Stickers and of course points were a bonus, thank you!See full review


There is no connector for an external antenna, but the need for it is not felt. After a day's work at 30 °, the battery did not heat up so much to worry about it. Caught a signal within 40 m. Got pros: When distributing the Internet to 2-3 devices, a full battery lasts up to two days. Charges quickly, display signal and charge level. It connects automatically and very quickly, the signal is stable. Cons: Inconvenient back cover with latches like on old phones. Does not work with modem sims, onlySee full review

suitcase rp122-d santorini plus m *46 lime light logo

I was looking for a large, roomy, high-quality and, of course, a beautiful suitcase. I studied the issue of material and was looking not for plastic, but from polypropylene, so that it would not burst and crack when airport workers would throw it into the plane. The color is chic, but, realizing that it would get dirty, I bought a rag cover. after two flights, the cover was torn and turned black, so I did not regret it) The suitcase was intact after the flights. Inside, according to the standardSee full review


The car on this rubber steers very well and predictably, it's certainly nice. But the workmanship . Continental is no longer the same . . Pros: Very good handling and stability - no problems in the rain - in a car with a good noise level there is almost no noise from rubber - brakes perfectly on any summer surface - quite soft at the size of 215/55 R18 Different cons: Weak "sides" at 1000 km (! ) There was a swelling on one (rear! ) wheel of 2-3 mm. While I drive, but I constantly look at the whSee full review


It charges quite quickly, it is very convenient to use, you do not get confused with wires, it is attached securely, it does not fall off, the charging itself is compact and convenient.See full review

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