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brake caliper front left / right trialli cf 402 for gaz gazelle, gaz gazelle next, gaz-3110 logo

From the personal experience of buying, I ran into a batch with the wrong location of the fitting. But after talking with the managers, everything was decided by replacing it with an adequate sample, which is now on the screen.See full review

mop xiaomi appropriate cleansing yc-03 logo

Has pros: Comfortable, stylish, washes well, convenient rag attachment Cons: After about a month, I have to change the rag because it stops sticking to VelcroSee full review

hankook tire kinergy eco k425 195/65 r15 91t summer logo

Very strong and durable rubber. The car does not talk, they balance perfectly. Dry braking is excellent. In the wet, not so sure. In short, tires are just for our 2022n destinations.See full review

digital piano yamaha p-45 black logo

Has some pros: Arrived quickly, no damage, perfect! I really like the piano, the key pull is like in childhood at a music school 🙂 the sound is excellent Its cons: There is nothing to close the piano, so that the keys are not clogged with dust.See full review

washing machine bearing (6202 2z skf) closed on both sides with metal, universal, 15 x 35 x 11 mm logo

Some pros: Excellent bearing, quiet, no backlash, put on the motor from the pump, works fine under load. Cons: I ordered several, one was brought without a box, just in a bag. Not good.See full review

bridgestone dueler h/p sport 225/55 r18 98v summer logo

my opinion is tires for 2 years and up to 40 thousand. I got my own rubber with a guarantee that it will pass at least 70 thousand. (funny) but the price is not cheap. I don’t understand when they say that there is a distillation (I have an English assembly) and a shop. and when there is one index on the rubber and the result is another. Pros below: while the new one holds the road. and water too. on the highway Kyiv - chernihiv went 185 track kept well (rubber wear thousand 30) Some cons: for gSee full review

bfgoodrich advantage 225/55 r17 101y summer logo

Put in place of the regular Bridgestone (worn out). There were no problems with balancing. The first thing I noticed is that these tires are noticeably quieter. Production - Romania. I'll try to add a review as I use it.See full review

compressor inhaler (nebulizer) and cn-231, white logo

It's good that there is a mask for both children and adults. In general, I initially bought an inhaler for myself, and then the child caught a cold, I also made inhalations for him, so the children's mask turned out to be very useful. Both masks are comfortable, fit snugly to the face. And the inhaler perfectly sprays the medicine to the end, spending nothing in vain. And he also has a big guarantee and he brings himself to overheating, as there is reliable protection against them.See full review


Due to the termination of support, it is necessary to prescribe the settings for distributing the Internet. Communication quality without any changes. At the end of 2022, you can still pay for Apple services through mobile operators. Pros below: A new phone is a new phone. Works smartly, face recognition is almost instantaneous. Services are running. Good display and cameras. Has cons: Practically not :) If you are tied to the Apple ecosystem, then it is difficult to get out of it.See full review


in general, normal headphones. for such a price for more than a year and did not expect that they would work, but I would still like a year (See full review


Everything is very well packaged. Kitfort 1652 is a very neat and quite compact electric grill. The electric grill heats up to the highest temperature in 3-4 minutes. First of all, we tried to cook vegetables (potatoes and mushrooms) and turkey steaks. It took only 5-7 minutes to prepare each dish! It is very fast and convenient, it was very unusual, since cooking the same products in a pan or in the oven takes 5-6 times longer. It turned out very tasty :)See full review


The car transmitter is of excellent quality, works well and looks good. I love literally everything about their work. I recommend.See full review

screwdriver set case technique 728060, 6 pcs, black/green logo

Good screwdrivers, magnets, after disassembling and assembling several devices, nothing happened to them, for me this is already an indicator. Very badly burned out from the slot by 8 mm, I don’t even know now what I can’t unscrew) Different pros: These are the first screwdrivers with which I was able to unscrew the guitar neck (currently relevant) Very good quality compared to pickles that are lying around in the garage Cons: It’s not that it’s a drawback, I’m just not very smart myself: they’rSee full review


Great budget option. Got pros: I go to Hong Kong, of course there is only concrete))) the spikes sit tight, even surprisingly tight. Different cons: I didn't see or hear. Everything that is studded is noisy))) at least buy for 50k.See full review


A good thing for a house where children live. They always turned it on when guests came, alas, this is the time now. Quiet, beautiful. But three months later it just stopped working. We thought that the lamp had burned out, but after replacing it, nothing has changed, when turned on, it starts to buzz, but the lamp does not light up. On the screen 0000. What could it be? !See full review


I buy a filter for Skoda Octavia a7 1.6. I buy only original VAG filters. I think that in such moments it is impossible to save money by buying budget analogues. If time suffers, then you can wait for the stock and buy cheaperSee full review


Pros: Attaches quickly Clear instructions Nice set of accessories strong metal Has cons: The key in the kit is useless - a short lever. It would be better not to put at allSee full review


I like it Its pros: very good tires . . rowing in the snow, slows down perfectly on ice . . noisy, but not enough Cons: so soft that when you drive on the highway there is an effect as if the rubber is floating . .See full review


I have been using them for 3 years. I had a Casio watch as a child, lived a decent life. Now I decided to buy it too, so as not to take a steam bath for hours - wear it without taking it off, at work, on a hike, at sea, etc. But no - in winter the glass began to fog up, went to the workshop (authorized), checked - everything is OK. Okay, you can’t use it, I decided to sell it. They lay for half a year, the buyer called and wanted to pick it up, I look at the battery of the village. I started to See full review

belshina bel-103 175/70 r13 82h all season logo

On the classic skated 3 seasons, mileage 30,000 km. On the 4th summer, one tire was so driven that after balancing it was impossible to eliminate the vibration on the body after 100 km / h. I threw it back so that the steering wheel did not beat. I will sell the kit, apparently this is the resource of this model. Of the benefits, quite strong, medium hardness. There are no hernias, she is not afraid of cuts. Well, the price, I took 1600 per cylinder.See full review

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