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cordiant snow cross 195/65 r15 91t winter logo

Rubber is not bad. Definitely recommended to all my friends. Wear is minimal, the snow is just amazing. In general, I am very pleased with the rubber, but I started to lower it at the place where the spikes were attached in the third season. Therefore, I will skate this season, and next I will have to choose something else. In fact, the tires are very decent and could go two or three more winters, but as always, flaws in details are in the details.See full review

wheel disk x"trike x-111 6.5х15/5х100 d57.1 et38, 6.45 kg, hsb logo

I would have known before that these discs are such a muck I never bought, but in fact three discs are falling off in pieces, and one is surprisingly still holding on.See full review

sports headphones neckband / sports headset wireless bluetooth logo

In general, cool headphones, I really like them. It is convenient to play sports in them, they do not fly out. The sound is clear, everything suits. Thanks seller.See full review

bridgestone dueler h/p sport 225/55 r18 98v summer logo

All in all a well balanced product worth the money. Were a little quieter and softer, the prices would not be! The photo shows the tire tread after 6 seasons.See full review

music system midi vipe nitro x5 logo

Pros below: Relatively good sound, it connects well to the phone, the next time it automatically connects. Cons below: Low power, for a small room it can and will do, but it’s rather weak.See full review

nokian tires nordman sc 195/70 r15 104s summer logo

On April 4, I bought (14,400s) a third set for myself, the previous two showed themselves only on the positive side, not a single hernia, explosion, wire, etc. Excellent tires for the price. Ford TransitSee full review

32" tv tuvio full hd dled on yandex.tv platform, stv-32fdfbk1r, black logo

Pretty smart TV, worth the money, they took around 10. Sometimes it hung, but it has already stopped. The sound is really so-so, but the picture is good. Happy with the purchase.See full review

wheel disk ifree tortuga 7х17/5х112 d57.1 et43, neo-classic logo

I look at them without a car, no emotions, but when you put them on a car, they seem to change. Love the look of the car with these wheels!See full review

grill kitfort kt-1655, black logo

The perfect helper in the kitchen! In 5-10 minutes you have a dish from the restaurant on your table! Delicious and tender steaks, amazing grilled vegetables, enchanting mushrooms! The trout fish exceeded all expectations! The grill is just super, the heat is good, uniform roasting! The whole family is happy!See full review

led strip light og-ldl16 set led smd 15m logo

Good tape for the money. In a set of 3 coils of 5m, they are interconnected easily and quickly. The sticky side is so good that it even sticks to the wallpaper) Let's see how many weeks / months this tape will last. As long as I'm satisfied :)See full review

neoprene gloves, size xl logo

Pros below: they fit very well, comfortable zipper, bought for kayaking, fulfilled their tasks by 100%. The palms have a comfortable non-slip coating. With its cons: They get wet quite quickly when in contact with water, but it is easy to wring out without removing. Thanks to this, you can stay in them all day and not feel discomfort.See full review

pants adidas core18 rn pnt black/white men ce9060 xl logo

Pants orig The size is what you need, but these pockets were not mentioned anywhere, even in the photo on the product card, this is a minus, of courseSee full review

wall bracket holder lcds-5064, black logo

Aligned, tightened, adjusted everything smoothly, but due to the large backlash of parts, the monitor constantly tilts in a horizontal plane. It is worth touching a little and again everything is uneven, distortions of a few cm. This is not at all the norm. All adjustments are clearly not designed for at least some periodic use, only adjust once and do not touch again. At the junction of the knees of the bracket, there is a strong bend even with a small load (see photo). From a monitor weighingSee full review

nikon 50mm f/1.4g af-s nikkor lens, black logo

I ordered a nikon 50mm lens, but in fact it came completely different. The box, packaging, instructions, everything corresponded to the order, but there was a whale lens in the box. I contacted the support service, and then adventures began . . In short, I returned the money only after 3 months . . It is not clear why there is no control before sendingSee full review


I bought f7 for hawal, they are slightly different in size from their relatives (the driver's one is a little larger, and the passenger's is a little smaller), but this does not affect the work. From the cabin, the review has not deteriorated. I recommend to buy. On mounting everything fell without problems.See full review


Got pros: Great. a bit to upgrade a small computer. atomic hearts on ultra. Its cons: in the product card there are 6 pins of food, in the photo with a description of 8 pins. in the end, all the same, 6 pins, be careful.See full review


- Sent in the form of a tester for testing. The first impression is great! With a moisturizing strip on top and rubberized micro-ridges on the bottom, which slightly stretch the skin and prepare the bristles for cutting, a sliding effect is obtained. Three-day dense stubble cuts clean, almost the first time without much effort and without feeling any unpleasant or painful sensations. - Particularly impressed by the edge of the blades, at the highest level! Now the most important thing, how long See full review


Pros below: Powered by a battery, charged from the wire that comes with the kit, while charging, you can continue to work. Different cons: designed for 2 platforms, so the purpose of the keys is not clear.See full review


The tires are good, but I won’t take it for the third time, I didn’t expect noise. I also have summer tires of this manufacturer, there are no comments on them. Has some pros: Price, quality, well balanced. A load was placed on one of the 4 tires. They hold the road well. Its cons: Noisy, run in a week, still noisy, and howls very much. Before that, I went to incomprehensible Chinese quieter at times.See full review

charger play & charge kit for xbox one (black) logo

Better than without Its pros: This is a rechargeable battery that does not need to be removed to insert batteries. With its cons: Micro usb for sx/s is not suitable. The bundled cable is cool but with an outdated interfaceSee full review

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