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Review on Nestables by José A Rodríguez

Revainrating 4 out of 5

Reliable Release from The Enjin Network

It was believed that in the beginning Nestables seems to be an advanced 3D-version of the Tetris game, but it is really more than that. It is an automatic and colourful cube game that permit players to enter on it and execute prime actions that are similar to real trading. The game, overall, has these functions as part of the Blockchain technology. It is an enjoyable experience because it is a kind of collectable game.

It is available for free. Of course, there are some investments, but this occurs after the player reaches a higher level or keeps moving on through the missions there exist on it. Something I liked a lot is that it is another release from the Enjin platform. So, this Dapp can be easily a top game in the future. I've seen how this company provides excellent attention to each one of its products.

However, the issues that are related to it are because it has a low rating and a general playing volume. It is a game not highly known among the crypto-community. Personally, the company should reinvent the strategy they offer to get people engaged in it and purposefully reach a better rating in the market. I think the existing content that was released on the page does not really inform users of the instructions, policies, and earnings that are necessary to know.

Beyond that, it is still important to consider that the partnership and support of Enjin on their Dapps is always essential, and certainly, Nestable will raise what is expected, even more, because the way of mastering earning is throughout the ENJ token, which is easy to trade and put into the general e-commerce. For now, I'm sticking to the news and releases that could come soon.

In conclusion, I suggest users give a look at it to help the company increase their current rating. Nestable is a legit, reliable, and safe release that will offer better earning after the necessary audience enters to play on it.

  • Owned by the Enjin network. The game is easily representing great support for the Dapps this network provides. It receives the trading and representation of the ENJ token.
  • Unique game that has certain hybrid features because it is a type of cube-character and collectible game. In general, it is a nice experience with a good ecosystem.
  • The options to play are easy to get. There are many missions to conquer and the user has access to other options to build a nest and keep playing to win more.
  • Low rating and not clear playing volume. It has had low entries from a global audience. It requires better marketing implementations from the company.

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