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June 12, 2019


Meet Revain 2.0, reworked completely from the ground up

We’ve gone through some trials and errors, but now we are finally ready to present you the latest iteration of our review platform. With it, we are laying a foundation for further improvement and making the platform easily scalable. Now we have all the groundwork laid out for expansion and perhaps even trying out non-crypto-related fields, with accordance to our original roadmap vision.


Revain changes style. We love purple, but there was simply too much of it! For all purple addicts out there, worry not, it’s still our company’s color, but now we’ve got a much cleaner fresher look in a light palette and purple serves to accentuate rather than overwhelm.

The main three things changed were the company’s pages and review layout along with the review creation page.

The project’s page is now structured like this:

This modular design saves you the trouble of scrolling to reach the first review and all the additional info, e.g. coin price, volume, and open source activity is now hidden under the ‘Specifics’ button. Oh, and now, you can opt to display only reviews that rated the project at a certain point, if you prefer to browse through positive and negative reviews separately. You can also click follow to get notified when the new reviews for your favorite projects are added,

As soon as you click one of the stars, you are redirected to a review creation page, which now also incorporates modular design.

Review layout has been changed accordingly and is now much more pleasant to the eye. If you want to discuss what’s written in there, there’s a button for accessing comments next to the upvote button.

The percentage-based rating of each crypto entity is now also displayed next to its average score in their respective category list. This rating reflects the amount of positive reviews when compared to all the reviews on the project. To the right of it, you may see a space dedicated to what would soon be project discussions, this feature is currently under development.

Rank & Rewards allows you to display only the projects rated in a certain grade, which could be great if you want to check out the most reputable projects, or, vice versa, learn from what to stay away.


A a rule of thumb, we try to keep our community engaged by conducting competitions on every occasion that warrants doing so, but this time we outdid ourselves and launched not one but two separate competitions all at the same time.

Join us and get rewarded for writing high-quality reviews, being active in Telegram and spreading the world on social media.

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Mismo Monster

9 months ago

Im new on the platform. Actually reading the blogs... I don´t know how looks the past. Just meeting the 2.0 rework; The way you guys, incorporate modular design gives a Pretty/Luxory structure. Purple = Perfect. Congrats!

Anwar Ridin

2 years ago

Amazing for me

Fauzan Fadhil

2 years ago


Pravat Pati

2 years ago

it's a great community to get most usefull information and thanks to the members who has given their best

Minn Aung

2 years ago

Good project

Dol Vil7

2 years ago

Good joob

Ajax The Max

2 years ago

great work. keep improving

Crypto Tips

2 years ago

Amazing update!

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