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March 27, 2018


Revain announces Dashboard’s next major version 0.6 as the platform hits 1000 reviews

As financial services warn us there will likely be more crypto-related crime in 2018, we are working as hard as ever to increase our security and give our users as much opportunity to make an impact as ever. We are thrilled to be able to deliver the more good news, more safety and security, and more functionality to our users. Revain has just been upgraded to version 0.6.

In a market choc-a-bloc full of carefully constructed images designed to extract monetary value out of customers by any means necessary, we deliver a service that allows establishing the real value of goods and services. We allow our customers to get straight to the point and see all of the product or service’s features rather than only those that the company that delivers them wants the client to see.

We love doing what we do, and the feeling is mutual: our clients are equally enthusiastic: we have just reached a milestone of 1000 reviews!

For that reason, we have made the service even more effective and easy to use with a launch of numerous new features. This release includes a list of exchanges, which we have been working for eons to introduce. With over 80% of reviews today fabricated, we had to employ a variety of means of due diligence checks. They are:


Exchanges are a tremendous part of the business of cryptocurrencies. For example, Binance processes $1 741 091 796 every day!

Exchanges are now available to review, comment on, and analyze for the crypto community's benefit. Revain is firmly set on adding more exchanges in the future.

Our ranking system

If you’re sending your child to a University, you want them to go to the best one. But how do you know which one is the best? We have ranking systems that will help you sort the best from the rest. According to every user's reviews, the system sets projects in order of the quality, integrity, and demand they provide for our users. The system, like everything else, is based on users’ input and reflects the current consensus on the best projects around. With more growing concerns about scams and frauds in the course of 2018, it is as important as ever to be in the know on who is proved to be the most trustworthy.

More security

Communication is the key, and your peace of mind is our first priority. Our Proof-of-Reviewing Feature will allow users to benefit from even more ways of staying safe. When a user submits a review, they will receive a letter with Revain’s digital signature to verify the request has been submitted. Email confirmation allows to dispute any possible claims of your trustworthiness – or acts as proof in case you want to prove your case to someone. We plan on introducing as many levels of security as we can so that you can be as comfortable as possible.

Review stats

As additional means of engaging our users, we have introduced a feature which allows you to see how your reviews are doing. There’s no point in missing out on your input. After all, Revain’s mission is to change the world for the better, and this is accomplished by every user’s input, which is tremendously valuable to us. See how many likes your reviews have collected and how much people are reading them. The notifications will arrive by themselves. Probably the only feature around that is guaranteed to bring nothing but good news.

Miscellaneous: convenience, accessibility, and efficiency

We have added more projects which will be waiting for reviews, totally reworked the review section on the pages of the projects to make it as convenient as possible and made mobile Dashboard more smooth to meet the growing demand of our customers.

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