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GMS provides tools for every phase of a groundwater simulation including site characterization, model development, calibration, post-processing, and visualization. GMS supports both finite-difference and finite-element models in 2D and 3D including MODFLOW 2000, MODPATH, MT3DMS/RT3D, SEAM3D, FEMWATER, PEST, UTEXAS, MODAEM and SEEP2D. See more

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AMT is an asset management software that is capable of managing fixed assets, rolling stock or any capital asset, providing structured workflow management, decision support and more. See more

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Blast Information Management System (BIMS) provides information to meet the strategic and operational needs for planning, controlling and decision making for optimizing mining operations. See more

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Coal Software & Systems offers surface mining, underground mining and wall mining solutions that is tailored to meet your business's needs. See more

cxl pit to port logo
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CXL Pit to Port enables management to plan, record, track, optimize, account, reconcile and report the tonnage, quality and value of bulk materials from mine to point of export or consumption. See more

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Dips is designed for the interactive analysis of orientation based geological data. The program is capable of many applications and is designed for both the novice user and for the accomplished user of stereographic projection who wishes to utilize more advanced tools in the analysis of geological data. Dips allows the user to analyze and visualize... See more

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Enterprise Asset Maintenance software is designed to help plan and execute tasks in order to effectively and efficiently maintain enterprise operations. See more

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Fewzion is a work management software that helps blue collar workforces manage their frontline processes, people, and equipment. See more

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Geobank is a software provides a flexible and efficient environment for capturing, validating and managing data for all the geological data requirements. See more

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Fully integrated from resource modelling to scheduling in a single, unified workspace with no data silos. GeoMine Visual Formula Editor and parametric 3D design tools can be adapted for any deposit types and what-if scenarios with varieties of constraints. Designed from ground-up to handle big data sets. Underpinning GeoMine-GeoModeler is a 2-in-1... See more