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Bonpay EUR Card

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Instant TopUpNo
Monthly LimitN/A
Initial Cost$ 15.00
ATM Fee$ 2.25
Daily LimitN/A
Card CurrencyEUR
Monthly Fee$ 1.00
Overall Fee1.00%

About Bonpay EUR Card

BonPay is a project by a team of Bitcoin enthusiasts with the aim Bitcoin transfers more simple, safe and seamless. It includes a wide range of solutions, from Bitcoin storage to plastic or virtual card, helping to pay with Bitcoin anywhere.  The Bonpay EUR card comes in virtual or plastic formats and allows users to use their Bitcoin holdings to pay for items online, make instore purchases, transfer funds and cash out fiat whenever needed. The plastci card issuance is currently free and the monthly fee is 1 EUR.

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Be careful when trying to find the website.

As the name suggests, Bonpay EUR card accepts only EUR as the price currency. I don't think this is a negative aspect. Because the EUR is open to service in many accepted countries. To be honest I am not a card holder and am trying to order a card...See full review

Be cautious when you attempt to open a site.

As the name recommends, the Bonpay EUR card acknowledges the least difficult EUR on the grounds that it is the cash of the cost. I don't imagine that is something horrendous. Since EUR can serve in numerous natural nations. Truly, I'm not a...See full review

About the Bonpay card

As the name suggests, the EUR card only accepts EUR. EUR can serve in most accepted countries. The main task is to make it easy to use the BonPay EUR cryptographic card to facilitate the use of payments for the use of cryptocurrencies. It is clear...See full review

Increased desire to use the BonPay card.

The BonPay cryptographic card is easy to use, there are fewer payments at ATMs, and there are many benefits to making payments, transfers, and withdrawals at ATMs. You can order this card wherever you are, and use it at any ATM you want. It is also...See full review

BONPAY EUR CARD. Physical debit card in euros.

BONPAY EUR CARD. The main function of this card is to facilitate the use of payments in physical services, online purchases and outlets, ATMs, and users to use real-world cryptocurrencies. This card can be obtained in a very simple way and it is...See full review

Bonpay EUR Card

Generally speaking, Bonpay cards are the most complete on the market, they are available in more than 130 countries with multiple fiat currencies available. But focusing only on its EUR version, This is a Mastercard card, its use in points of...See full review

Bompay EUR

This card is not currently available. Its main function is to facilitate users to use cryptocurrencies in the real world, through the use of ATMs, online purchases and payments in physical services with sales points. The card has two presentations…See full review


This card make spending easier when it comes with cryptocurrencies, buying goods and services, withdrawing, entrepreneur can use it to make payment to their staff etc. These can be done without going to any exchange platform, though it comes with...See full review

Bonpay EUR Card

Bonpay EUR Card is a good initiative to pay for products online, make transfers and even make withdrawals from ATMs, it enters the market with both a plastic and a virtual card and can be used in up to 136 countries around the world. Its level of...See full review


BonPay is a card for cryptocurrencies where users can make purchases through this card at the point of sale where they accept visa as well as in physical stores, this cryptocurrency offers users the possibility of conducting different businesses to...See full review