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Review on Bonpay USD Card by Özgün A

Where's Bonpay?

Bonpay USD Card is both a virtual and physical card built on blockchain technology.

Once you receive the Bonpay USD Card, you pay a certain amount of money to activate the card.

Mastercard cooperated with Bonpay USD Card. Wherever Mastercard is used, you can make purchases or any other transaction with the Bonpay USD Card.

With Bonpay USD Card, USD-cryptocurrency or cryptocurrency-USD can be converted. There is no loss of value as the conversion is made on the instant exchange rate. A certain amount of commission is charged on each currency conversion transaction.

You can withdraw money from ATMs with Bonpay USD Card. There is no daily withdrawal limit and limit. A commission is charged in dollars for each ATM shot.

I wish you could fill out the form on the website to claim the Bonpay USD Card, but there is no website! The reason for this is not yet known. Bonpay USD Card is used by many people. Bonpay USD Card users are looking for an answer to this question with concern.

There is no information on how to contact the authorities when there is a problem with the Bonpay USD Card.

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Pros & cons

  • Both virtual card and physical card
  • Can be used for contactless payments
  • There is no ATM withdrawal limit
  • Card is widely used
  • The website is down
  • Nobody knows how to reach customer representatives in case of a problem