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Review on Uquid EUR Card by Francisco Varela

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Uquid EUR Card

It is a debit card that makes it easier for the crypto assets community to use them in the real world through their use in points of sale on the Visa global network, online payments and through the use of ATMs to obtain money. cash.
It has varied rates, the cost to obtain it is 14.99 Eur, € 2.25 for use of local ATMs, and if it is used internationally, its fee is 3%, its annual fee is € 1 and it does not have commissions for POS purchases, these Rates are at the average of the market rates compared to other cards.
The card can be recharged through electronic transfers of fiat currency or cryptocurrencies or paypal.

  • It has two virtual and plastic presentations, where the virtual one can be used immediately after being recharged and the plastic one gives you unlimited withdrawals at ATMs.
  • It is divided into bitcoin debit cards and altacoins, where bitcoin only supports bitcoins while altacoins has a list of 89 compatible currencies.
  • It requires providing personal information if you want to increase the limit of your cards such as identification documents and proof of address.
  • Its expiration time expires at three years, it is quite a short time for the time when other available cards expire.