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Review on Blockchain University Course by Joseph Okedeji

Blockchain University Course: Learn How To Trade Cryptocurrencies Right From Scratch.

Blockchain University is a cryptocurrency training platform that was established so that those who put -in to learn are taught the required techniques to be successful in cryptocurrency trading.

A visit to the platform showed that only one course is offered and this course is more than enough to make you an expert crypto trader. Although, there's still the experience factor because as for me, I believe that trainings and courses cannot only make you a professional when it comes to trading, you need that little touch of experience and this will distinguish you from other traders. Besides, experience is said to be the best teacher, because there are situations and scenarios that only the experience you've had can help you, so experience is also a training instrument needed to becoming an expert or professional cryptocurrency trader.

Actually, the one thing that pushed me to go check out this platform was the fact that I heard the developer and instructor is a Nigerian and this itself shocked me because as a Nigerian myself, this is a huge achievement especially when the African government, Nigeria included are still finding it difficult to adopt cryptocurrency and shocking enough, the Nigerian government is making it difficult to engage in cryptocurrency activities. So inspite of these situations, for a Nigerian like myself to achieve this feat, I have to say that I'm extremely proud of that.

The course comes for a fee of $500, which I feel is affordable considering the fact that after a successful training, the profits you'll make will outweigh this fee in a million fold although, nothing is guaranteed in life and as I've said earlier, you've got to experience some things so that you'll become better and more capable to deal with similar future occurrences. Checking the platform, I found out that my stance on experience was also proven because the course is said help make money in different percentage (ranging from 5-30% monthly) depending on how well one practice what has been learnt.

The Blockchain University Course covers training on how to trade popular cryptocurrencies like BTC, ETH, EOS, DASH and BCH. I also discovered that the course comes with no certification which I feel is not needed to, because the only certification you need to have successfully completed cryptocurrency trading course is to also be successful in cryptocurrency trading activities.

The following things are what you'll learn when you opt-in for the Blockchain University Course;

1. How to open a trading account. There is also a link provided on the platform that can enable you to open one as soon as possible.

2. How to analyze the market. Your analysis of the crypto market plays a major role in whether a trade will be profited from or the other way round.

3. How to know the right time to purchase a particular cryptocurrency and when to sell off.

4. How to create orders to buy and sell at profits.

5. How to utilize the signals provided by the platform. Signals are basically notifications that tell you when to buy a certain coin and when to sell it. So signals basically simplify trading for you.

Looking at the above listed features, one can as well conclude that the Blockchain University Course trains you how to trade cryptocurrencies, right from scratch till you can successfully initiate one yourself. Which simply means it's mostly for crypto newbies. You also can visit the official website to check out the course curriculum.

Pros & cons

  • The Blockchain University Course ensures that you learn how to go about trading cryptocurrencies and also improve through practice.
  • It is said that you have a lifetime access to the course. Which means that from the moment the trading course starts, it never ends until you decide to end it. So with this, you can learn at your own pace.
  • A full refund is available within the first 30days since the commencement of the training if you're not pleased with the trading course.
  • It is only for beginners and newbies who has no idea of how to trade cryptocurrencies.
  • The enrollment fee may be to expensive for some interested learners.
  • Most Nigerians have been associated with scam and fraud activities so, there is this general belief of not trusting Nigerians especially in the financial aspect. This might affect the prospect of interested learners applying for the course.