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ConsenSys Academy

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About ConsenSys Academy

ConsenSys Academy is the education core of ConsenSys that focuses on bridging the Ethereum knowledge gap globally for ecosystem. ConsenSys Academy’s mission is to develop the global blockchain ecosystem by bridging the Ethereum knowledge gap, becoming a beacon for Ethereum education, and revolutionizing education through blockchain technology

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Review by Ufuk.

Consensys Academy made available. For active entrepreneurs and inventors and for anyone in the world courses in crypto and decentralized finance via websites. With a lack of interest in and…See more

Consensys academy; an advance course on the ethereum block chain

Consensys is a company that have worked projects which are currently unbeatable in the market. These projects includes the metamask, deligence, the infrua, the trufle as well as the quorum and codefi…See more

Review by Umut Y.

It is the technology leader that works on blockchain technology and offers work and services via dapp. It works in python as professionally and effectively as in PHP, Diango, javascript, Laravel…See more

Consensys academy, an ethereum developer program

Crypto currency, decentralised finance and block chain has become one of the leading technology of our time. But mist collages and institutions are yet to include these branch into the curriculum…See more

ConsenSys Academy!!

Good day everyone, ladies and gentlemen, I hope you are fine. Today, I will convey my review of ConsenSys Academy, which is a crypto education and course from the Crypto education and courses section…See more

ConsenSys Academia: Excellent academy to train developers on the Ethereum chain

As a professional in the IT area, I was curious about what tools developers used in blockchain technologies, I had only an intuitive idea. Some dapp and work environments directly used tools known…See more

an academy dedicated exclusively to understanding the ethereum blockchain

Any enthusiast of blockchain technology who wants to learn about its operation and applications in the real world, can find many resources on the web to achieve it, but there really are not many…See more

Consensys academy

ConsenSys is an ethereum base academy with sole purpose of bridging the gap between ethereum technology by bringing and making users especially developers to have full understanding of how ethereum…See more

Consensys: An Ethereum Supportive Course

Consensys is one of the blockchain courses with a more complete program among all. Although it is a digital course, the company also provides special training for in-person options and some of them…See more