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Review on Crypto Traders Pro Course by Emmanuel Sunday

Dedicated in teaching proven trading strategies.

Crypto trading has been where most newbies make the most losses, I also had made so much losses that I decided to leave crypto. Fortunately, crypto trader pro said they are able to make crypto trading more rewarding by teaching how to be a better trader.

First thing i will commend about this course is that it is. A an experience and knowledge based course. People who have gained a lot experience in the market are all over the community

It has a very nice and standard curriculum , which starts from learning how to become a crypto trader, learning about tools used for trading like the best exchange and wallet, which progresses to learning analysis and understanding market, and life trade which gives and equip you with hands on experience

The course is paid actually with a pro membership fee of $900+ which in my opinion is too high, as most student are coming up and are low income earners. Though i will still recommend it to any newbie in the crypto

Pros & cons

  • It has a very well developed site, easy to navigate, very straight forward.
  • They provide alternative means of transactions even with crypto currency.
  • Platform is available where real time trades could share there experiences while trading, this aid teach and easy learning so much.
  • Membership fee is too high, $900+, its enough to take me all through the university in Nigeria.