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Review on Crypto Traders Pro Course by Douglas Cachazo

Crypto Traders Pro Course: Become a fearless cryptocurrency trader.

Company founded by a community made up of a group of expert entrepreneurs and researchers of very high level in technical analysis whose north is to educate you on three fundamental points • Cryptocurrency trading • How to invest • Become a crypto entrepreneur This will lead, based on their experiences, they created a working method with commercial strategies with profitable results, that experience and working method with their knowledge will be shared with you in their innovative course of more than 20 hours. The content is 11 lessons: Know the team and notions about the cryptocurrency market, Exchanges and tools, Technical analysis, Market observations using intuitions to improve your profits, Fundamental analysis on the type of investment in a certain cryptocurrency, Advanced technical analysis of patterns and techniques also such as facing the falling market, Union of technical and commercial analysis, The VICIOUS technique developed by its community, Unify everything learned as a whole, Live trading where it is demonstrated how an expert manages to be successful in a month of work neat and finally another final live trading lesson how to do it in the real world and how to make a profit when prices drop.

Pros & cons

  • Good course to train financial experts
  • Your content based on real experiences
  • Made by a high level community
  • High costs, at least for countries with low minimum wages