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Review on eCornell Certificate Program by Douglas Cachazo

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eCornell Certificate Program

I definitely consider that the academies on blockchain technologies play a very important role for the cryptographic medium to finally impose itself on traditional banking, in my opinion the lack of knowledge on the subject, the lack of standardization and the high commissions that for various reasons are applied are the factors that have slowed down the sweeping advance of cryptocurrencies.

Many large companies have taken the initiative to offer small courses in education, something very positive indeed, if they can attract beginners, training them no doubt end up investing in cryptos and starting in the middle, but it is not enough, most of the experts have managed to do it almost self-taught based on long research processes, which is why the institutes that provide education are of great importance, the learning curve will be much lower.

This academy offers 4 cryptographic courses, its forte are courses in other financial fields, which, the topics addressed in its 4 fundamental courses are: Cryptocurrencies, introduction and basics, they emphasize Bitcoin, however they address the main cryptocurrencies, the other courses are crypto fundamentals, blockchain technology and finally application of blockchain technology.

The courses are online and are available if you meet the following requirements; wndows 7 or higher, Liunx or Mac Osx 10.6 or higher, Crome or safari browser, have adobe reader, if you do not have it you get it for free with the courses. Because it is online you need to have a broadband internet connection that is moderately fast. The courses are somewhat expensive and range from 40 to 5000 dollars. All of them are certified.

I have no doubt that it is a good academy, but I do not see it for blockchain technologies, which is what we are evaluating. I consider that there are other more extensive options with more consistency in content and less expensive.

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  • Certified courses
  • Are online
  • Variety of courses in marketing and other areas
  • High average successful student enrollment.
  • Little content on blockchain technologies.
  • Somewhat expensive