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trust wallet is the most popular wallet. honestly im also using that wallet for years ago. nothing bad happen to me since i use trust wallet, you can try this wallet... you can create or import wallet easyly like the name TRUST wallet, they make app who can we trust nothing bad happen to me since i m using trust wallet for a years ago, trust wallet has team work with binance if you have some token basic binance, you can swap your token to be bnb token easyly, of course with exchange rate. its very safe using trust Siehe vollständige Bewertung

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coinex is one of my favorite exchange and the biggest market and community. as long as my experience using coinex, i never feel disapointed. you can easy to create account, just signup email, bind phone number or 2fa. you can do trade with or without KYC, that is the point. as i know coinex has small fee if you want to make withdrawal any coin. deposit at there is very fast.. its same if you want to make withdrawal. coinex also has so much event, so you can earn some money with join event. Siehe vollständige Bewertung

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since i am an indonesian people, i think i know about indodax exchange. indodax is one of the biggest market with has large users/member to join there. at indodax, we are required to do KYC ( Know Your Client ) to do trade, make some voucher with local currency, withdraw to local bank of indonesia account. as i know at indodax has minimum balance if you want to make withdraw to local bank of indonesia is 100k rupiah or est almost 8 usd and has a large withdrawal fees, is 25k rupiah or est almost 2 usdSiehe vollständige Bewertung

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i I really like binance exchange, as long as i use it i have no problem with it. I really like the features available in binance, you can try it. you can make as many deposits as you want, there is no minimum deposits as far as i know. to make withdrawal is very safe, 2 confirmations ( 2fa and email confirmations ). so its very very safe in my opinion. any coins or tokens left over exchange or trade, you can swap it to bnb token. because binance has this feature. dont forget that the feature has a daily limit which is only to swap once a day. and even if you want to make a very large amount of withdrawal, you must do KYC to increase the daily withdrawal limitSiehe vollständige Bewertung

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