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Über datapine

datapine was founded in 2012 with the idea to facilitate the complex process of data analytics through technical innovation. After several years of extensive development to perfect the application, they count thousands of users in more than 25 countries around the globe. Their headquarter is located in Berlin, Germany. datapine is a business intelligence & dashboarding platform that is focused on self-service, but also offers advanced analytics features such as predictive analytics or intelligent data alerts based on artificial intelligence and machine learning. With a few clicks, datapine integrates dozens of data sources such as databases, flat files, marketing analytics, social media data, CRM, and ERP data as well as helpdesk data. Thanks to an intuitive user interface, users of all skill levels can visualize and make sense of complex data by asking important questions and receiving answers immediately. The core of the product are dynamic, interactive business dashboards, that help to share insights within the organization effectively. datapine enables managers to data scientists to explore, visualize, analyze and report data in one central analytics platform and empowers modern, KPI driven businesses to grow further.

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