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If focusing on your hobby or allowing your child to get the best toys to play with, MegaHobby has your back. This Model and tool store is built primarily to help people take out their hobby as the range of products they are actually offering is percolated to achieving hobbies for people. The store which shops to anywhere in the world allows hobby drive an international thing. What can you buy from this store? Well they range from model cars, model planes and painting tools among other numerous things. The platform has a huge category for all the products they sell and they keep reimbursing their shelf like daily so you can never run out of anything new to try out. Their brand partnership even allows you to choose which product maker you decide to buy from. With MegaHobby, users in the USA gets their order of over $100 in a day and the shipping fee is not there. Transporting to international locations comes with standard shipping fee for any amount of money used in purVer reseña completa

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Scrapbooking is quite an old culture of doing things like storing pictures. Now a store is bringing that same old way of doing things back into our lives. Scrapbooking which involves beautiful book coverings for which pictures can be added to is the business of things Bluemoon decided to go into. With this store you can but from a wide range of beautiful book decors at a cheap rate too. With over 10 different payment method available to choose from, Bluemoon also permits for international standard shipping though at an interesting rate of $8 which is quite cheap. Just as I got the recommendation, I will also share here. Users can follow Bluemoon on their social media accounts to partake in their regular promotions and discount coupon shared randomly With different options of designs to choose from, Bluemoon sure did their survey well. I could see a lot of beautiful designs they displayed on the site and really got captivated into them. Ver reseña completa

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Seeing that Oldies is a store for CDs from the 1900s, I decided to check out one of my most favorite movies of those days "Home Alone" and to my amusement, it was on the platform. So here's what about Oldies The platform is a mobile store for the purchase of products, mostly Movies and music from the 1900s and they are all available in disc form. Other old-fashioned stuffs are available to buy on Oldies too though. The products can be rummaged around via it's category button or a direct search can be used when you know what you are looking for. Oldies is the first store I get to review which allows for shipping to any part of the world which means I can get any of the oldies I so desired delivered to me in my country from the US. I have never seen anything like the Oldies Store. Am sure they are ready for greatnessVer reseña completa

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Student loans is one thing that many students in many developed countries like the USA usually survive on to pass through the expensiveness of Tertiary education. This costs run into thousands and Hundreds of thousands of dollars. All this increase with money for tuition fees and textbooks but with Valore, a part of that money and need for more loan is reduced by a certain percentage. Using Valore, students can access a rich source of textbooks to buy and sometimes even rent. This textbooks are from different many major fields and with the discounted price they sell for, students need for high cost textbooks is seriously aggravated to a bare minimum. Some of the books which are available for rental are usually shipped out to the student for free. Old students too can get to sell their old textbooks for fast cash. Valore is really doing a service to many students out here. What's more is that they cover fees for sVer reseña completa

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Biblio is a house of books. They turn out to be one of the biggest collectors of old-fashioned and very rare book collections. This is what makes them very unique actually. What I also like about the book store is the fact that they tend to keep to the latest trends in the book reading field. A good one is the Queen's Gambit Movie which led to a need and high demand of books focused on Chess playing, biographies and autobiographies among others. The books are even also rare to find In some of our local bookstores or even the big marketplaces for books. You can buy and rent books using Biblio, get discounts for being a frequent reader or a member of its book club. It's just the perfect book store.Ver reseña completa

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Boots UK which in retrospect to my expectations of the store being a place to buy boots for the summer actually is a place to products focused on wellbeing etc. This store just as it's ending name suggest is in the UK so people from other countries can't make purchases here except on exceptional cases where they tend to send your products through other courier agents but for orders made within the UK, people can get same day delivery and even free shipping when they make orders above £25. The rage of discounts doesn't end there as there are discounts given based on purchase value combined together. I will leave a picture that shows how that works. In my little experience, I can say the mobile application is more recommendable for use than the website as the app comes with more unique offers and amazing discounts. Plus, both app and web are user friendly. As a store focused on wellbeing, they sure are trying to monopolize their strength in the area and are so vVer reseña completa

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Zipzap and UniDAX was nowhere to be found. I tried to do a lot of research Into this exchange to know more about it's operations but I was limited by the factors that made this exchange appear to have never even existed. I have even seen some people talk about this exchange in a way that refers to it bot providing an exchange trading environment to traders. Currently inaccessible, the exchange has nothing to offer, you cannot access the platform neither can you trade there. The exchange is pretty much dead. Even CoinMarketCap recognizes the inactive status of the exchange and so therefore matches it as an untracked listing. There is no reason to why one should interact with anything or anyone carrying the UniDAX exchange name. It's most probably a scam attemptVer reseña completa

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Trade by trade was voluntarily closed by the creator of the exchange platform for some reasons which they literally did not make known to The community-wide. The trade by trade Exchange closed at a very good terms with the people that there was no instance of scams or loss of funds in the exchange prior to its closure. They actually had a good service provided to the traders and it was not really clear to why they had to close up shop. We traders have now been forced to look for other options to use in meeting our trading needs as the closure of trade by trade Exchange has created a need for reliable service as it once providedVer reseña completa

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Even with the announcement of the Trade Satoshi exchange closing it's services, they were focused on still scamming as many people as they could possibly do. The exchange gave a notification that it wanted to close every trading activities and it's services as a whole due to some reasons. They also gave a notification to the users of its exchange to withdraw their funds before a stipulated allocated time but it turns out that they were never committed to fulfilling it's commitment to ensuring every user got their funds out safely. I have seen the instance whereby a user couldn't take out his BTC and which the exchange mandated a KYC which couldn't be fulfilled in the small amount of time left. The story of this exchange methodology in scamming the users really weakens me and makes me to think carefully on every exchange I use so as not to fall victim of such one day.Ver reseña completa

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6X surprisingly just went Missing In Action despite having a track record of users. The exchange on an absurd day just couldn't get to lawn through when trying to access its servers. With the disappearance of the exchange came also the loss of funds still stored on the exchange as at the time of its disappearance. I have tried many other ways to access the exchange but after getting to understand that for a long time, the exchange just stopped working, I gave up. 6X website is down so you can't even access it and with the loss of funds by traders to this scam exchange, I don't think there is a way to get back the funds and this boldly gives it the mark of a scam.Ver reseña completa

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KuMEX never went offline even though you can attest to say that the exchange doesn't have any recorded volume of trades. Actually, KuMEX was merged into the KuCoin exchange which apparently, were the ones who developed the exchange. KuMEX which was primarily focused on Derivatives and leveraged options centered on that area for a long time and then following KuCoin launch, they got merged and closed. KuMEX still maintains all of its inherent prowess of a derivatives exchange within KuCoin, operating under a separate fraction of the exchange, with it's very own wallet and options. It was never closed, just simply merged. If you want to use KuMEX then you can head out to KuCoin and get it to do your biddingsVer reseña completa

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BSCswap can be said to be the very first decentralized exchange protocol to ever be launched on the Binance Smart Chain during its novel launch in the fall of 2020. Despite a track record of given the first name of an exchange on the BSC, this exchange still suffers a lot from the lack of liquidity and ease of usage on the platform available liquidity. My grievances against the DEX is mostly with it's UI or user interface. The UI of the BSCswap is one of the worst I could ever come across even though it tried to gamify the whole process by using nifties as guide to the exchange, it carries much of an odd display to use. With liquidity being an issue here and ease of use being restricted, one can never appreciate the works of the developers for the creation of this DEX. Other better options and forks of other DEX protocols exist that actually works better, nicer UI and greater liquidity and I would rather go for themVer reseña completa

Logotipo de metal x

In order to focus on building a decentralized option of exchange, Metal X exchange really ended it services to the users and also asking them to withdraw their funds before a specified date of March this year. This exchange in no way ever scammed anyone and didn't just disappear without leaving any traces because everything was well outlined with notification being given to every registered trader on the platform. They currently do not accept any new sign ups to the exchange platform and is said to round up every form of trading activity before the end of this year. We can all be hopeful and look unto the release of his decentralized option called Proton Swap or make use of other exchanges. No much information has been given for Proton Swap but updates will be rolled out soon. You can keep to their community groups to know more Ver reseña completa

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The Rfinex exchange used to be a bubbling hub for the exchange of many cryptocurrencies as they provide advanced cutting tools for Traders to interact with and make their predictions based on technical analysis they have been able to complicate. The exchange supported a large variety of coins, the fees were quite low and this made the exchange very attractable to Traders and investors likewise. It used to be an interesting thing using this exchange. All of a sudden, this exchange just disappeared with no traces or notification of any kind. When trying to run access to the website, I was been reverted back as it couldn't go through. I don't know if the exchange started the way the forms of uses and I couldn't find information on that aspect but that is very much quite likely as the disappearance was never expected. I will keep looking onto the website to see if maybe they finally come back with any explanation which I highly doubt Ver reseña completa

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The end of this exchange was due to the fact that it couldn't be resilient to attacks that came at it's servers. Dagx live is said to be one of the highest victim of cyber attacks of any crypto exchange. They usually lost control of their frontend web server and this allows the hackers to mislead users into making wrong transactions thinking they were interacting with the exchange itself. This wouldn't have meant much but due to the fact that this happened several times, its closure was predicted and called for. Security was one thing Dagx live lacked and this was the major reason to why it couldn't stay up for long ending it's service in the very same year it opened it's exchange doors to the public. Other exchanges should be a good use with the closure of Dagx Ver reseña completa

Logotipo de globalcryptox

This here is a different story of an exchange which couldn't keep up with a lot of things like the maintenance of its facilities when in operation that they had to shutdown it's business. Globalcryptox cannot be accessed anymore as they have announced a foreclosure of their service and allowed ample time for users to take out their cryptocurrencies from the exchange so you can say they never engaged in a scam. There is not so many exchanges with true transparency like Globalcryptox though this can be attributed to the fact that the exchange had been registered to its country of residency which puts the creators in risk of being arrested. It's time to move on in searching out a new exchange platform to trade onVer reseña completa

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The proliferation of scam exchanges cannot be overemphasized when it comes with cryptocurrencies as they are mostly regarded as an unregulated fiduciary in many countries. There are centralised exchanges which comes up and go without any notification and leaving traders who used it's services bewildered and stunned. Not only just that, some of this exchanges made away with the funds of the traders. So also did OnBlock exchange do. They made away with the funds of traders and unofficially closed the exchange. No one can even access its servers as it has been completely brought down like one that never existed. The exchange never had good plans for the traders as many traders kept on complaining of service disruptions and issues faced with transfer services of the exchange. All this complaints made the exchange quicky in their operations and decided to close out. More research needs to be done on an exchange before trusting your fundsVer reseña completa

Logotipo de drive markets

Another one of those dead exchanges you get to meet today guys. What's supported Fiat to crypto trading and therefore made its ranking for that very reason. But the website for the exchange is up for sale, I really doubt the exchange will ever have a comeback. After a period of time when the exchange had been put on hold switch the code name of being placed under maintenance for the upgrade of some of its products and exchange services, website has been put up for sale for users to bid and buy. I don't think this exchange is coming backVer reseña completa

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I opened a Bitesax account during its early development people participate in AirDrop and get it's token; the utility token of the exchange. Ever since then I have distanced myself from this exchange because of so many reasons. 1. It was very unreliable in its proposed product. Up till This very moment there are so many of its products like the lending market that is yet to be implemented. 2. Lies were used to propagate the exchange as the promised a kyc free exchange which we never got. 3. Promises of listing on coinmarketcap never got fulfilled. In general there has been no new development for this project ever since it started it's advertisement program, and we await more developments which am pretty sure we might never get to seeVer reseña completa

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This will be one of the toughest review I can actually point out when writing. This exchange has contradictory information to how it operated. When you try to search the exchange online, you are given two different sites in which one is accessible while the other isn't. The exchange that CA be accessed actually takes up the picture of the exchange name here on Revain and so also does the other, eve with it's no information on page tag by Google. I have made several enquires to the support on what is with the other website for the Senbit exchange and I will be more than glad to update this review on that topic. For now, please stay away from the exchange, if I can get my hands on the information I am looking for, my review will be updated in the comments section. Thank you.Ver reseña completa

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