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A Scam Exchange, Beware ❗

Drive Markets Exchange is a big time scam exchange. Drive Markets Exchange is a crypto-crypto and fiat-crypto exchange, it supports spot, futures and margins trading with unknown leverage rates. The founders of this exchange are unknown as well as...See full review

The telegram team has only 3 subscribers

Prior to adding to a specific scene, I gave my energy to understanding the scene well overall and considering numerous different things. Specifically, there are stages worked for some unacceptable traders of their property. This stage incorporates...See full review

DRIVE Markets: DRIVEMarket is a misled stage.

Prior to contributing on a specific stage, I generally set aside out my effort to comprehend the stage quite well and furthermore think about alot of things. As there are stages, that are constructed primarily to misled merchants of their assets...See full review

DRIVE Markets, Another Scam Project

I would be talking about another scam exchange platform I discovered some days back. I never used their website as they are currently out of service but has been able to detect them as scam looking at their past records and getting some information...See full review

Drive market is a dirty scam

Why are there so much scam exchanges around? The answer is always at the beginning of this exchanges. Most of them and maybe this one too began with inadequate funds or incomplete requirements which in turn leads to their closure. To me and also...See full review

How I Lost 2 USDT

When you see a scam platform, the best thing to do is to report them so as to avoid the fall or the fail of other traders. Mistakes are made so that others don't make the same mistake. Some people don't seem to understand this and that's why they...See full review

A scam project.

Drive market was built with the vision of becoming a big global market for the trading of cryptocurrency. It was designed to give user's easy access to buy and sell cryptocurrency with less transaction fees. The project is sincerely a big scam...See full review

DRIVE Markets Is A Scam Project

Recognizing a scam exchange has become so easy to me with the little years of experience I've gathered. This is because I've come across quite a lot of scam exchange platforms and have been able to carefully sort out some similar characteristics...See full review

This exchange is down

Another one of those dead exchanges you get to meet today guys. What's supported Fiat to crypto trading and therefore made its ranking for that very reason. But the website for the exchange is up for sale, I really doubt the exchange will ever...See full review

The telegram group has just 3 subscribers

Drive markets exchange is a spot, Future and margin trading medium. But the exchange posses some questionable acts. The leverage rate can't be traced, the developers are not recognized. Infact I tried countless time to access this exchange but all...See full review