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Josh Bellz

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Josh B.

Josh Bellz

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421 reseñas
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I am a cyber sercurity student with great zeal and commitment to know more about the blockchain system and its endavours.
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Logotipo de clubb sports

Like every other sport store online Clubb Sport store isn't different, it has different premium quality gadgets and equipments in store for games like football, lacrosse, tennis, volleyball, soccer, golf and many other game but it's is a store with great distinction and that what distinguishes it from other sport store. Clubb sport store distinction comes in different aspect and I'm absolutely impressed with these cause it has given the store a great status quo ever since they commenced their online store in 2011. First and foremost their delivery service was indeed very excellent, they promised to ship the goods the same day the purchase was made and they did just that to every one of their customers. This is so overwhelming cause I find it hard to believe they could be so efficient and to crown it all they don't even charge a dime for shipping within U.S, so those living in this region get the goods delivered to them all for free not to mention the huge discount price they've purchased the goods from the store. Those living in the U.S should try out this store cause it's amazing.Ver reseña completa

Logotipo de players sports

Players sport is a seasoned expert at the sales and distribution of high quality sport gadgets and equipments to equip players at the field in any types of outdoor sport. The online store has been able to succeed and accomplish this much cause the store has a very secure website making it quite convenient for customers to add stocks to the cart and make payments without any fear of their money being diverted or not being able to receive their goods cause the payment system are secured, transparent plus an added proof of payment, the good can even be tracked by customers until they arrive at the customer's location. The payment idea is great, it allows people to pay in 10 parts for some of the items if they so much desire to have such an item but can't pay all at once. This was so overwhelming cause most sites I know about don't do likewise, but Player Sport has tried their best to remove any friction that could prevent their customer from buying and this is a brilliant idea from them if I'm asked. Ver reseña completa

Logotipo de michelles ribbon

Michelle's ribbon and lace is a company that deal with clothe embellishments and accessories like ribbons, zips and buckles. This is a place for every for every one who has an involvement with clothing making to get fabric accessories to give the clothes some extra smart fittings and look. Their store doesn't offer any online service to customers cause they didn't include any of that on the site for viewers to see and I perceive the only people that can get in touch with them are those who can walk in to their store pay and pick up the goods for themselves but asides that they don't offer any delivery service to their customers.Ver reseña completa

Logotipo de my mind's eye

My mind eye is website where creative art works are brought into reality to wow people's mind. There are several fancy stuffs offered at different prices to the general public,they look so beautiful and amazing starting from home decoration items, banners, tabletop, gifts, cake toppers, baking cups and a lot of other exciting items that fall under other categories. The prices tagged to every single one of the creative work display on the website are great , I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw that they allowed people to save up to 80% of the actual amount of money needed to purchase the item on the store. The payment gateway system is so easy and convenient, PayPal, MasterCard and Visa are also accepted and being one of the most popular payment systems we have worldwide it's quite easy for anyone to shop on the store.Ver reseña completa

Logotipo de bonsaicricket

Bonsai Cricket is a Netherland online Cricket store selling all types of cricket stuffs like the cricket helmet,gloves, cricket bat, batting pad, cricket ball and cricket gears and all other important cricket accessories. From the founders experience he talked about how very important having a good quality tool could be of great help in playing cricket, this ain't mere words cause having the right tool will definitely allow any player to do very well on the pitch most especially when such player has the needed skills and tactics of playing cricket. His passion and zeal towards the game has made him create his own store where only high quality cricket tools and equipments are being sold out at a very low and moderate price and depending on ones needs as a customer you are free to make make orders for customized design of the cricket kits and gears handmade specially for you to meet you needs as a customer, they do all of this because they care so much about the results their customers get from their products and services and continually want them to get the best. I'm amazed to also know they provide shipping service across over 50 different nations worldwide, reaching out to a good number of cricket players in the globe.Ver reseña completa

Logotipo de 3w giant mart

I was recently making a research on sites where I could get almost all kinds of sport equipments and items cause most store rather focus one the sales of some particular type of sport and sells only equipment vital to performance on such sport on the field. 3W Giant Mart is a dealer of nearly all types of sports I can ever imagine cause the list of sport items included on the website was endless ranging from gymnastics, boxing, football, hockey, basketball, golf, badminton and the rest. 3W Giant mart is a great online platform where you almost don't have to worry or doubt that you can get the sport items you are about to purchase cause they store is always stocked up with many equipments in different categories for the customers. I like the way the website was setup, it made it very easy for me to navigate through the webpage, add items to my carts and make payments for the goods. Shipping service has a standard fee of $30 it's very quite affordable but not fixed and assured cause shipping fee differs under certain condition but the support team would always be on ground and be cordial enough to deliberate with you.Ver reseña completa

Logotipo de crafts home

Crafts home is an online site that displays hand made wooden crafts made by one of the most experienced and equipped craft makers from Pakistan. The crafts displayed on the website are given at an auction price to the general public so that those in dear need of these crafts can easily purchase them and get them delivered over to them via ship dropping service around Pakistan. Their store had all types of house hold essential items like key holders, kitchen utensils, jewelry box, key holders, trays and these products are delivered almost everywhere within Pakistan to their customers. They include ID numbers to the receipt being issued to a customers after they might have completed all necessary payment for the goods for them to monitor the movement of goods from the store right to their location, which is a good feature. One thing that remains unclear to me is if they offer shipping service worldwide or outside Pakistan cause they didn't give enough information about this.Ver reseña completa

Logotipo de the ornament girl

The ornaments girls is a site dedicated to teaching ladies how to make lovely and adorable ornaments for gifts and Christmas. On the sites there are different sets of free video's each taking individuals through the process of knowing and mastering the skill of making nice looking and colourful ornaments design. This tutor is quite very experienced at what she does, she's passionate about it and she wants other ladies out there to also partake of her knowledge by sharing out her ideas to them via the website. Although a $10 fee is demanded for some advanced video training on how to make a much more better ornament for Christmas or any other special event, the cost of learning this doesn't appear expensive cause it's worth what she's offering & coupled with her experienced in ornament making I think everyone should jump on this special offer. But there's a free tutorial videos I advise everyone to check out first on the website.Ver reseña completa

Logotipo de lacrosse 4 all

Lacrosse 4 All is a online sport store dealing only with the sales of Lacrosse equipments and materials to lacrosse players and customers. Lacrosse 4 All has a great supply of all Lacrosse field and pitch kits like the helmet, shoulder guard, bags, goal net, lacrosse sticks / shafts and arm guards or gloves to prepare both the armature and professional players for the pitch training and sporting events, all this essential materials can be gotten from Lacrosse 4 All store from Mondays till Sundays cause they are always on ground and ready to attend to customers demand. The prices of the goods on the stores are cost effective, you can save a whole lot of money from the discount offered which I possibly believe might be enough to purchase some other items in the store. The shipping service isn't bad it takes just 5 to 10 working days to get your goods delivered to you and if there's a fault from them that warrants you returning back the item they are willing to take full responsibility for that.Ver reseña completa

Logotipo de my craft source

My Craft Source is a website where a lot of endowed craft makers and even those just coming up can upgrade their learning curve and purchase art work materials needed for the creations of their artistic designs and projects. My Craft Source helps different categories of people by providing them with materials such as fault, adhesive, sublimation, foils, vault, blanks, bundles and even machines to aid craft makers and get their jobs done on time. I think upcoming craft makers can also benefit so much from this website, apart from purchasing their craft items and materials they also get engaged in a lot of learning activities. I discovered that the site offers live tutorial videos on how to do some craft work and how to also make use of some of the machines being sold out on their stores. There were tons of video's on the website which I believe will certainly be of great help to everyone approaching the online store cause they will gradually improve on their skills after watching the video's and making use of what they have learnt.Ver reseña completa

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