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Review on BYDFI by Joseph Bello

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The Reason BitYard Remains One Of My Unique Exchange

BitYard is an online trading platform specialized in crypto transactions. It was established in 2019 as one of the digital brokerages that give traders direct access to interact with a variety of the most actively traded altcoins and tokens in the crypto market. Being able to interact with virtual assets can be quite risky without the help of exchanges and so they have evolved to be a handy component of the virtual currency economy.

One of the reasons I was quick to register and start trading on BitYard in 2020 was because of its regulation and recognition as a legitimate trading platform and so I had no issues trusting them, considering the good reviews and ratings about them online from other users. With my little experience in the crypto market, I've come across several exchanges that weren't regulated and ended up being a Ponzi scheme created to exploit traders and so I've kept my distance from unregulated ones.

The registration process was easy, and in less than 5 minutes my trading account was registered after which I completed some other account requirements. Making my first deposit wasn't a problem since both Visa, MasterCard, and crypto were all supported by the exchange as a means of making deposits. I was amazed to see discover that I could still access some important trading features without KYC, unlike exchanges like Binance which makes it extremely difficult to trade without KYC documents.

Trading the futures market comes along with many risks and anyone starting up will certainly forfeit a lot of money before gaining mastery of the market, understanding the charts, indicators, and a bit of fundamental analysis on how to perform such a trade. BitYard provides two solutions to this, one is a demo account and the other is a copy trade menu. Those who want to perfect their professional trading skills can do so through a demo account without any loss and once they are good at it they can start trading with money.

The copy trading is what I find very interesting about BitYard it's creating an opportunity for both seasoned and newbie traders to make a passive stream of income from the market leveraging the knowledge of the seasoned traders in the crypto market.

BitYard displays the trading status of top futures traders highlighting their progress trading over weeks and months with the returns they have generated, this allows users to select whose trading pattern they would prefer to leverage and profit from without having to rack their heads making all sorts of preparation and studying the price chart to make a profit. The traders whose trading technique's are copied aren't left out uncompensated since they will also be earning 8% of the profits those copying their techniques are making.

Updated 2 years ago
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I've enjoyed BitYard's top-notch user experience, it has indeed been extremely amazing trading with them most of the time and I am amazed that in my 2 years of trading on the platform I still haven't heard any reason to reach out to the customer support for help on any of anything, although I've heard from several relevant sources that they have good customer support and I don't dispute that fact either.

I've tried out their apps on both an Android phone and an iOS device and it was indeed excellent. The website version wasn't bad either, the touch of white, yellow and black gave it an air of perfection whenever I take a glance at the exchange graphics interface.

I'm surprised at the amount of partnership of popularity BiitYard has been able to attract. It has gotten support from organizations like Chainlink, Trading view, blockchain, coin tracking, banda, and many other prominent companies

Updated 2 years ago
Rating has not been changed

I've u the trading interface on Bityard with other crypto currency exchange and there's indeed a big difference between BitYard and some of them. The difference lies in the simplicity of the exchange trading interface. Bityard has a way of making the trading interface look to easy to understand and at the same thing providing every bit of details you will find on other popular trading platforms.

One of the reasons I like the trading interface especially on a PC device is that coins are being divided into different sections, like Web 3, LVT, Polkadot Chain, Metaverse, NFT and a host of others, this helps to have a clue on the origin and use case of some tokens, it also makes it easier to search for them. This makes it a beginner friendly exchange for all categories of traders even seasoned crypto traders find it great.


  • It's regulated
  • Available across over 160 countries
  • KYC isn't compulsory, but essential for top-notch security
  • Support both fiat and crypto transactions
  • It's an exchange for both expert and noob traders
  • It has its native token that gives holders discounts on trading fee
  • It doesn't support P2P trades or staking

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