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Zcash is created by a corporation and when it was founded the creators allocated 10% of the mining rewards to be distributed to the stakeholders in the Zcash Company — founders, investors, employees, and advisors. The so called “Founders’ Reward” is 10% of the eventual monetary base and will be distributed to the creators during the first four years of the project. After that all of the mining rewards will go to the miners.Ver reseña completa

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Unlike many blockchains that are encountering issues with their slower transaction times and higher fees, the IOTA network is designed to be infinitely scalable.If IOTA can provide a successful alternative to the blockchain for IoT, there’s certainly a sizable market that could be tapped into.Ver reseña completa

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It is one of the world’s top 20 cryptocurrencies by market cap at the time of writing. Although it experiences substantial volatility, you will love this project.Ver reseña completa

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Dash is already accepted as a form of payment by a number of merchants.Also backed by an active community of users that engage with the project.If it overcomes its scalability problem, it will impact on the price of Dash.Ver reseña completa

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Though EOS has been heralded as an “Ethereum killer”,the EOS platform is still being developed.So it’s not yet known for certain whether the technology behind it will be able to deliver on its promise and potential.Ver reseña completa

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