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Super Sonic : ARDOR

Ardor (ARDR) is a blockchain platform targeted at institutions, companies and holdings. One of the best features of Ardor is that it can create blockchains within the system, and even allow it to work in harmony with other blockchains. How Ardor Works? The Ardor platform continues to be developed by the Nxt platform developers. As transactions are carried out on the blockchain, the data stored increases, however, the data that a full node needs to store in order to function is increasingly denser. After a while, the sequence of transactions gets longer and causes the Blockchain to slow down. Updates cannot fix the problem from the root. In addition, Blockchains are not adaptable to be used for different purposes and need to be maintained over time. Ardor in the future Ardor's structure includes one main blockchain (Ardor) and many offspring blockchains. This main blockchain has been commanded for fast and easy transactions. Baby blockchains can be createdVer reseña completa

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About D A I

While Dai is issued on the Ethereum platform, its symbol is defined as DAI. Dai, one of the cryptocurrencies, is one of the old stablecoins approved by Maker. To put it simply, Dai is a digital currency designed to keep its value fixed to another currency. Dai Mining Dai is made by using specially equipped, specially programmed computers produced for mining with the codes in the mining pool. How To Buy You can buy or sell Dai on crypto currency exchanges. Dai Exchange As the number of investors interested in virtual money markets increased after rare financial movements, the number of exchange platforms increased. Ver reseña completa

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About COMP

According to the figures shared on the Compound website; There are more MakerDAO's fixed crypto DAI in the compound supply than in the world. However, it is not known how true the numbers reflect. Liquidity on compound is moving significantly among assets as new rules are established for the release of the governance token COMP. COMP and trading gain Even if the DAI is borrowed and reinvested, it counts each DAI deposit as an additional gross supply. Users borrow and reinvest DAIs. Many users probably use several wallets to make this job easier. Ver reseña completa

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Wrap - Open

What is the WBTC-BTC Difference? Many of the most popular defi dapps require the use of Ethereum collateral. Products like MakerDAO and Compound require users to lock down crypto assets in order to borrow other crypto assets. Because Ethereum's overall value is significantly smaller than Bitcoin, this limits how large these protocols can grow. By introducing Bitcoin, protocols increase liquidity and thus create more sources of collateral for their dapps. Wrapped Bitcoin allows Bitcoin holders to continue to hold it as an asset and also use DeFI dapps such as Compound to borrow or lend. Compared to BTC, Wrapped BTC will never have the same level of security as the original because it relies on people and organizations to manage the system rather than pure code. To increase trust and transparency, WBTC undergoes regular audits and publishes all on-chain transactions and verifications for Bitcoin and Ethereum networks. Users can independently verify how much BTC has beenVer reseña completa

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What a Loopring (neo) ?

What is Loopring (LRC)? Loopring Foundation is a nonprofit organization. The primary goal of the foundation is to promote the real-world implementation of the decentralized auto execution system that trades through crypto token exchange that protects users from counterparty risk and reduces the cost of trading. We are building the financial system of the future by increasing the liquidity of cryptocurrencies. Loop brokers trusts across blockchains and exchanges; Thus, transaction members can retain custody of their funds. Originally for ERC20 tokens and ultimately across all blockchains. Coin Allocation and Distribution The supply of LRC is limited to a total of 1.395 billion (including those offered for sale at the time of the franchise sale) and will be generated when it becomes available ("Token Launch"). Ver reseña completa

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Switcheo About...

It is a Decentralized cryptocurrency exchange located in Switcheo country. Trust score is 5. More than 109K traders are trading on this exchange. They are taking very solid steps with a very successful development process. By adding a large number of tokens along with the atomic swap, they allow transfer between chains such as ethereum, eos and neo. The fact that they have such a dedicated team compared to ordinary dex shows how robust they are. ERC-20 is integrated with three blockchains, including NEO, Ethereum, and EOS blockchains to support NEP-5 and EOS tokens. Ver reseña completa

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About Bul(l)wark

Bulwark coin is a coin that offers instant, fast and private transactions. Bulwark started with Proof of Work mining and switched to Proof of Stake. There is also masternode technology to speed up transactions and hold money while being highly reliable. Bulwark coin is a privacy-focused digital currency. Therefore, it is equipped with the latest technology security measures. Masternodes will be a primary part of Bulwark Coin's vision and will stabilize circulation, secure the network and provide important functionality. Ver reseña completa

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Nectar or Juice ?

Nectar is a decentralized crypto currency that serves deversiFi and is also listed on Bitfinex and Uniswap. Holders of this token enjoy this ever-evolving coin. The Nec sahperi can vote at necDAO and benefit from the transaction fee discounts on the DeversiFi exchange. Through NecDAO, it is possible to buy and sell on the DeversiFi exchange. Due to these opportunities, certain discounts are offered to nectar holders. Nec owners continue to renew, develop and improve the DeversiFi exchange portal. Ver reseña completa

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Blocked Wallet

The blockchain wallet is a digital storage device used to exchange or hold cryptocurrencies. These wallets have two unique codes called the wallet ID and private key. Technically, the wallet ID can be compared to an e-mail address and the private key to the password of this e-mail address. Transactions made in these wallets are recorded in the block chain. Blockchain allows you to make deposits extremely quickly and securely. In addition to your investments, Blockchain provides the necessary security in the withdrawal process. In order to transfer to another cryptocurrency wallet, it is sufficient to know the identity code of that wallet. The private key should never be shared with anyone because access to the wallet is provided by this signature code. You do not need to store this code to access your wallets on a cryptocurrency exchange. Blockchain wallet creation is an extremely easy one-click operation. There are some open source websites serving in this field. LVer reseña completa

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Vinex Network is a cryptocurrency exchange with the headquarter in Singapore that was founded in September, 2018. Vinex supports 50+ cryptocurrencies for trading, among them are the most well-know such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Tether, etc. Vinex is registered in British Virgin Islands. Maker fee starts with 0.20% and Taker fee — with 0.25%. The fee schedule has further grades depending on the volume traded. MAS is a utility token of the VINEX network. The website is translated into 11 languages, including English, Spanish, Chinese and Russian. Lucky Draw is the contest for customers of the platform. Identity Verification is required within the platform. Ver reseña completa

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3,14 Network

You can register to support the project, not just to earn money. Bitcoin mine operations for a total of electricity consumed turkey quarter rate of electricity consumption. because every miner is seen as insecure. hence the encryption algorithm is 256 bit. using sha 256. To create a network of real users that pi network wants to provide. They decided to do this with mobile phones. You install the application to earn pi coins. there is no use of any processing power or network traffic. You only receive a notification once a day and you just press the "mine" button. Since the coin is not around at the moment, there is no mining. the goal is to create a secure network. If those who dig in bitcoin were approved or something, there would be no need for difficult algorithms such as 256 bit. This coin, which was included in Coinmarketcap in early July, is now at the level of $ 1.25 and has quite a few coins. Moreover, these coins that can be staked for some reason remind Ver reseña completa

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Thor's Sword

Thorchain (RUNE) crypto money project managed to attract the attention of many investors after being listed by Binance, one of the crypto money exchanges, today. Despite this, it seems that the foundations of the project date back to 2018 and this is a relatively old project. THORChain is a decentralized cross-chain exchange where investors can exchange cross-chain assets through pools of liquidity across Binance Chain, Ethereum, and Bitcoin. Users can stake in liquidity pools to earn yields for digital assets in rune tokens from trading fees and rewards within the rune, the natural token of THORChain. THORChain uses the Continuous Liquidity Pool (CLP) to dynamically adjust transaction fees according to transaction size. RUNE will need to be connected to run a node in the THORChain ecosystem and earn rewards.Ver reseña completa

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Band Protocol Adopts a Token Understanding to Every Community. To encourage curators and punish bad actors, the value of community tokens must be directly correlated with the quality of that community. It ensures that every curator and follower has great skin in the game. This also reduces attack factors such as 51% attack, coin shedding, bribery, and registry poisoning. Band Protocol makes it easy to give the ensemble curve with the paste curve. The bonding curve is a smart contract that cuts and burns the coin with the buy / sell function. Fans and curators who want to participate in the community can send the BAND code to the contract and get the community token and vice versa for the sell function. The price of the ensemble token specified in the BAND token is determined by the price curve initially determined in the contract equation. This provides several benefits: 100% Liquidity Seamless token conversion Full price transparency, Awards for eaVer reseña completa

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How Does Scriv Network Stand Out? Data Assurance: As we keep evolving to adopt technology in more and more usage in our daily life, the importance of data keeps getting higher precedence. Automation, Big data, data mining, higher IP traffic, etc. are fueling the need for stronger data processing and management needs. Big data itself is expected to cross the $50 billion market size, and retail+business storage on cloud is expected to cross $75 billion within the next couple of years. SCRIV Network provides decentralized data storage on the blockchain using an InterPlanetary File Sharing (IPFS) network and services like data assurance, verification, and time stamping. This helps users (ranging from critical government or business data to retail consumer personal data) in the secure storage of their data and verifying data at any given time using timestamp processes that confirm the data ownership originality. The process is straightforward. The user uses theiVer reseña completa

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The Whalesburg pool was built with special software. When Whalesburg was founded, it attracted 6-7 times more investors than other pools. Whalesburg did very well in two things it had to do: 1- Sold tokens according to pre-registrations 2- In some stages, he stopped selling token and developed his project These strategies also brought Whalesburg to the forefront and made them reach their goals very easily. Whalesburg has 5 foundations. 1- Coin variety 2- operating system 3- cloud benefit 4- Income model 5- hardware The pre-sale process and the actual sales process took a month and the sale started on May 15. They are experiencing huge losses due to the payments made to the miners that fell on our shoulders due to the increase in transaction fees in the Ethereum network. In this context, they will determine the minimum payment value. For a long time they thought about what value to set and decided that 0.2 ETH was the most appropriate value.Ver reseña completa

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It is a crypto money wallet that should be on the phone of anyone interested in cryptocurrencies. Using the app is incredibly simple. In addition to being able to store coins in infrastructures such as ethereum, erc-20 token, erc-223 token, ethereum classic, calisto, binance can also store tokens such as bnb and twt in binance's own block chain (bep). started a 100 twt coin campaign for everyone who downloaded the wallet in March. With Binance, Trust Wallet is working on exciting new features such as market tracking, private networks, test networks, standalone DEX and deep integration with Binance's infrastructure. The possibilities are endless for crypto, and anyone can be a part of it with Trust wallet, Binance's official wallet. Ver reseña completa

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Fast PolonieX

They are the exchange that I use for web, mobile, and even more api trading. I have been a member of this exchange since 2017. I wanted to share my experience after my last bad incident. I enabled 2fa without getting the backup code. My poloniex account has also reached the stage of flying after my phone flew and a new one came from the guarantee. I contacted. I sent the necessary documents. then I got very quick turns. To give an example, I sent my thank you mail today at 19:36. At 19:55 they replied, what do you mean sir. My problem was solved quickly without any accident. It is an American company. Api services are very legit and open. I also find the commission rates low.Ver reseña completa

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Good Luck Bittrex !

What's Good on Bittrex? Fees: Bittrex has a fixed fee of 0.25% for each trade. Although it is slightly higher than average, it makes the job very easy for beginners. Having a single fee for all transactions makes it easy to calculate how much you spend. Diversity: Bittrex's cryptocurrency options are fantastic (> 190). It offers users the opportunity to trade both with the oldest coins and newer coins such as Loopring and Tron. Bittrex examines which currencies are listed every day and adds new coins frequently. To compare, there are about 80 cryptocurrencies on the Poloniex exchange. Verification: This is the process that allows the exchange to decide whether to trade or not. Bittrex aims to get as little user information as possible to protect the platform. It uses a service called Jumio that uses local records. Jumio can verify more than 100 million people in more than 200 countries. Speed: Bittrex was created using elastic computing. In other words, the platfVer reseña completa

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What's on Binance ?

On Binance, you can withdraw up to 2 BTC per day without account verification, which is a very high number. While some documents (identity, photo, invoice, etc.) are requested from you for account verification in other exchanges, Binance does not. It provides services thanks to the commissions it receives from every exchange. It works like this on Binance, but it has an advantage that it gives us, which is Binance coin / BNB. This altcoin is Binance's own coin and for example, when you buy 1 and put it in your account, your BNB coin will be used in all of your next coin trading and the commission rate on this coin is 50% lower. If you are going to buy and sell constantly, I suggest you buy small or sufficient BNB coins to pay less commission.Ver reseña completa

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Crypto Fuel

Ethereum is currently the second largest cryptocurrency by most transactions after Bitcoin. The increase in value in a short time and its being more innovative than the Bitcoin blockchain raised the question of whether Ethereum could be a competitor for Bitcoin. However, Vitalik Buterin, the founder of Ethereum, says: "If we compare cryptocurrencies with valuable resources in the world and accept Bitcoin as GOLD and Litecoin as SILVER, Ethereum is PETROL. Because the technology underlying Ethereum will be the energy source in the world's internet system. Just as oil is used in many industries and technologies in the world, the same is true for Ethereum technology. That's why we call Ether 'crypto fuel'. The energy needed by the Ethereum platform will be provided by Ether (ETH). " As can be understood from Buterin's statement, Ethereum has no intention to compete with Bitcoin. We also see that the Ethereum founding team has been among the blockchain and Bitcoin developeVer reseña completa

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