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It's a solid project with clear goals and a lot of work done in multiple sub-projects under the name XDNA. Every block reward has a 1% dev fee and 2% charity fee. Using XDNA helps gather funds for charity, investing in XDNA helps them reach more people and bigger organisations, getting involved, voting and donating helps them direct the funds to where to community wishes. I find their project noble and transparent. Their PoW phase will last 3 years (we're 5 months in already) and during this time they are focused on sharing the block rewards to as many more people as possible. Their first hashing algorithm was keccak but when ASICs/FPGAs were developed and a huge amount of the hash was produced by a single entity, they developed their own, new algorithm which they named HEX. This is a multi-kernel algo with some important differences compared to x16r and other similar algorithms, with the goal being that even if an ASIC/FPGA miner is developed, it won't be much more effective than GPUs and therefore not worth developing such a miner. It's also noteworthy to mention that after the PoW phase they'll start the PoS phase.Ver reseña completa

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Overall something fresh, with a real use and more needed than most think. To make the platform even better, I can think of two changes. 1) A function that feels like it's missing is the ability for users to add new projects. Allowing anyone to do that would create a flood of spam, but the top reviewers who are old members should have the power to fill a form with information about new projects and allow the Revain's team to review the application. Not many people are really interested in reading a review for Bitcoin, right? It's the small and new projects which have the highest need of trusted reviewers. 2) Having only 5 rating levels (from 1 to 5 stars) feels very limiting. I'm sure that allowing for a 0.5 increment would help reviewers a lot.Ver reseña completa

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It offers a chat window next the trading window which is officially named "TrollBox" by HitBTC, a fitting name I believe. This is the perfect place for pump & dump schemes. HitBTC is promoted by MinerGate and it seems there's a cooperation between MinerGate, FreeWallet and Changelly, all of which don't have the best reputation, that alone wouldn't say much but for me there are too many yellow flags in this exchange. Be careful before trusting your money in them.Ver reseña completa

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By design XRP is centralised for the first few years. Unlike most coins, XRP's genesis block had 100% of the total supply available. All these coins were in the control of the developers, Ripple Labs. However the team has decentralised it by a decent level through locking an amount in escrow and selling XRPs to financial institutions, payment portal providers, exchanges and banks, in order to kickstart their xRapid software. People use to think that if the Ripple Labs company closes, then the currency XRP is doomed. Sure the price would suffer the first days, but it's open source code and it's up to the community to pick it up and continue the work.Ver reseña completa

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I registered with this exchange before the late 2017 hype that caused many exchanged problems, so I had no issues with creating an account and funding it the next day. Their support is very friendly, helpful and instant. I required their assistance twice. Once because I made a deposit from a bank account that was not in my name and I didn't know this was not allowed. The second time was on March when I required more than 3 months old log files about an ICO I had joined using the exchange's wallet (I was a newbie back then!). Even though it was Saturday night, they answered me in 30 minutes and after one more email from my side they solved my problem! I was really amazed.Ver reseña completa

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