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Dash has one of the strongest ongoing marketing campaigns of any cryptocurrency, they manage this because of the proposal and treasury system and the high price of Dash which results in a chunky marketing budget. The Dash community is broad and vibrant, It could be called a grassroots movement which wants to build a fair world money. Some are doing it for money but others are doing it for ideological reasons.Ver reseña completa

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This is a cryptocurrency as well as a revolutionary platform that is targeting to further the blockchain usage in crypto markets. Unlike many coins, or altcoins, this has its very own source code. NEM is having a two-tier architecture, paying extraordinary attention to the security of the network.Ver reseña completa

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Zcash uses a special proof to secure the network called zk-snark - or proof of construction. This allows the network to maintain a secure ledger of balances without disclosing parties or amounts involved in transactions.Ver reseña completa

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OTA is an interesting and ambitious project. If IOTA becomes successful, then it may render the price of bitcoins useless. The IOT aspect of IOTA is very interesting as machines have the ability to trade information, goods and services for income.Ver reseña completa

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EOS is a Larimer project. The EOS token we see today holds no real value, it has NO purpose as stated in their whitepaper. EOSIO Software is developed under an open-source MIT license. Anyone can use the EOSIO Software for free.Ver reseña completa

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