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None-virtual cards there are suitable for people who are used to shopping. Especially those who run crypto businesses. CryptoPay USD a product launched by the "CryptoPay" company registered in the UK. This debit card can be used at various ATM's that have been verified by visa. Making it possible to conduct transactions in various country's. Weaknesses in CryptoPay is the lack of available coin options is still relatively small. The company only accept BTC, ETH, LTC, XRP. But they provide certainty in the future's that they will add some coin to the services they developed. That is an attractive offer and bring in customer's. Ver reseña completa

Logotipo de monaco midnight blue card

Monaco opinion

Monaco cards, can be used for transactions in several countries that provide visa. This service besidessupporting bitcoin there is also a type of ERC20 token storage, it's good idea to add ERC20 to this card. In addition, if you are in community, you Will get an MCO token. Which has been launched by the company's. MCO is an important product in this network. If you have this card then you will be facilitated to create a free account that is useful as an asset storage. If you use this card in some shops that have a visa, you will get cashback that reaches 2%. The company's also issue's several type of cards, including: -Midnight blue, -Ruby steel, -Green jade, -Ice white, -Obsidian black.  All products have their advantages and disadvantages, depending on the card you're choose. Ver reseña completa

Logotipo de shift usd

Nice cards & stable

This card is still lacking, so if you want to have it, you need good language knowledge. But this product gives users the opportunity to get efficiency and speed in transactions. Here are some features that I think are worth considering: 1.There are no additional fees charged by shift to provide funds to debit card. 2.Can be linked either through a dwell or coinbase account. 3.The daily withdrawal limit is quite high. 4.Has an application that is integrated with other platform's behind the advantages there must be deficiencies. In my opinion the lack is the withdrawal limit made at a maximum of $500 ATM. All you need to note and consider is that the Bitcoin shift debit card has a direct link to the external wallet system that is most convenient and suitable for coinbase users to get their Good's and product by spending the Bitcoin they have in their wallet. Ver reseña completa

Logotipo de nem

NEM review

nem is Nem coins have almost the same blockchain and ethereum, but they have differences. This project aims to take the blockchain beyond fair payments like bitcoin. Then applied to ICO coin payments. NEM also has similarities with ONTOLOGY in the business field. But the difference is that NEM is more focused on the target market of China. I like NEM because this coin has the advantage of a transaction process that reaches 100 transactions per second (1000 transactions per second in an increase test). Because in the blockchain network there are still many obstacles in terms of executing many transactions at once. That's the thing I like about NEM that I think the development team always provides the best innovation at the moment.Ver reseña completa

Logotipo de ontology

Ontology is a product that was originally launched for corporate security. Which serves to protect the system and data based on the BaaS blockchain. If on NEO there is GAS then on ONT there is ONG it is a little similarity. Ontology has a uniqueness that is not found in other blockchain, because this project is not a single blockchain. But more accurately said is the blockchain network, which serves to facilitate the migration of company-owned platforms to ledgers distributed by the blockchain without any disruption or compromise from the system.Ver reseña completa

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Ethereum best coin

I think ethereum is the best project at the moment in terms of management on all sides. it all proved a lot of ideas and ideas launched by ethereum. But of all that now many imitated and modified by several competitors. but it is natural in business. Ethereum for me always gives the best performance, as evidenced by the increasing number of crypto markets that put this coin in their markets. Not to mention ethereum is the biggest blockchain after bitcoin. ethereum community in this world more and more. because I make sure that every person in the crypto business must have this coin. price performance to date is also quite strong. and some of the development being carried out by this project is also ahead your detailed experienceVer reseña completa

Logotipo de coinbase wallet

Coinbase is a wallet that is widely used to store a number of cryptocurrency, which is most often used for P2P product payments. no wonder because it is compatibility with many products. the current website is very good to use, on the other hand the development team also has enough experience in terms of security. Coinbase also supports multiple languages, for new users who register will not experience difficulties, because it is quite easy. No less interesting is that you can also store erc20 tokens, which are very good for storing various assets that you have. beyond that coinbase also has a function that can be connected to their market exchange, it is a very good advantage. but for me coinbase is not quite interesting in terms of appearance and application, maybe many of them feel that way too. but the innovation they have provided has been very good until nowVer reseña completa

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since truswallet was acquired by binance. This wallet is able to compete with various other wallet services that exist first. maybe at this time for me this wallet deserves to be in the top 5 of the best wallet available. The performance and transactions of this truswallet application are well worth the thumbs up. besides this product also offers many interesting features. like dapps, and others. from time to time many begin to join in the truswallet. the best thing about truswallet is that they dare to make their own token products, but don't be surprised if they adopt the blockchain binance. lack in this application is still minimal support for a variety of existing coins. hopefully this truswallet can provide the best again for its users who now reach more than 1 million people.Ver reseña completa

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Good product wallet

Coinomi is a multi wallet wallet that has been used by more than 1 million active users in the world, you can download this multi-function wallet in PlayStore or in Apple Store. I really like coinomi in several ways. 1. easy registration 2. Strong security 3. fast transaction and many other advantages that exist in this product. but I don't think Coinomi has fixed it for synchronization, the application has an incorrect date and year, hopefully this will be fixed soon. On the other hand coinomi is a product that is very feasible to have the current cryptocurrency activities. Because this dompt is quite a lot of support for various existing blockchain. And management in the application is very easy to use even for a beginnerVer reseña completa

Logotipo de binance

Love binance

binace to date is the only market that offers many conveniences for investors and Cryptocurrency business people, since I know binance until now the development team always provides the best innovations that many unexpected, starting from bnb coins, trading maefin, to free events coins, and also now they are starting to spread their wings by acquiring various service sectors in the crypto field, that is a very good and crazy thing, the service they provide is also very good, don't be surprised if the trading volume in binance is always high, because it always provides the best best, keep going forward and always number one!Ver reseña completa

Logotipo de bittrex

Bittrex is now undergoing changes, as evidenced by several things like many developers who have started entrusting IEO on this platform, but on the other hand Bittrex is less able to innovate, because of its poor appearance, for other things I think Bittrex has done its best. I hope this is the beginning of a breakthrough for Bittrex to compete with other market platforms, which are also making major changes, with so many investors and business people in the world joining the bittrex market, and it is unlikely that bittrex will be able to hold the title number 1Ver reseña completa

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