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Istox is a digital investment platform which was founded in Singapore as a regulated platform. This platform being a regulated one, means they work under a body which will enable them to function well. I think it is better to trade on a regulated exchange because their services seems to be very smooth and secured to use, unlike the unregulated bodies. The trading environment of this exchange is very okay, but I'm still looking and making better researches, on this exchange before I will make further move to deposit in this platform. thank you, you can also use the platform after making your own research to see if you can abide by the rules. Ver reseña completa

Logotipo de nicehash

Nicehash is another exchange which I enjoyed very well each time I refer my friends I get rewarded in BTC. The exchange rewards me in BTC as my own personal mining reward. this exchange is very fast and secure to use, I enjoyed the exchange mostly on my PC seriously I haven't come across exchange with such easy trading environment even for the newbies the trading environment is easy for them to use, and navigate freely with no form of hitch. The withdrawal fee of the exchange is low and affordable. This exchange on its telegram has many groups which all are a bit active trade on this exchange and have a better experience. Thank you.Ver reseña completa

Logotipo de simex

Simex exchange is a cryptocurrency exchange, which I came across last year December. This exchange was very nice and very secured to use. seriously what attracted me to use this exchange, was the liquidity the trading volume, which was so high to the extent that it's boost and trigger the level of the liquidity. Also the exchange allow P2P trade and allows us investors to use their exchange the trading fee of the exchange is low and affordable also the exchange has its own utility token called smx. The exchange is almost open to the world meaning many Traders can use the exchange but I don't think the exchange is on telegram because I searched for the exchange and no result was found. Ver reseña completa

Logotipo de crex24

Crex24 is a cryptocurrency exchange in 2017. This cryptocurrency exchange has amazing and fascinating features. The exchange right from the time of my registration, was easy for me to carry out and down to the withdrawal process, there was a cryptocurrency I came across in this exchange and I haven't see the crypto on any other exchange this is why I love the exchange the exchange allow for spots trading with ease and simplicity, seriously the trading environment provided on the exchange is very impressive, the trading volume of the exchange is also normal and adequate, make your research on this exchange and see if you can use use the exchange. Thank you.Ver reseña completa

Logotipo de nimera

Nimera is a cryptocurrency exchange which on the social media accounts particularly telegram, has just 100 plus subscribers which were not even active, I think this exchange has two telegram groups one was active, but does not have many members, while the other was populated but not active. well this exchange is a good cryptocurrency exchange which has a simple trading interface for users to navigate across. But the downside I see about this exchange is that is not popular, hope the exchange build on it services to attract other people to use the exchange. Thank you as you can also make your own research before using the exchange.Ver reseña completa

Logotipo de nexus mutual

Nexus mutual is a cryptocurrency exchange which lay much emphazy on protection against risk. I love the services of the exchange in terms of the security measures especially. Nexus mutual serves as an insurance firm. Also the exchange has it own native token called NXM. The native token cant be used on any other exchange except the exchange is meant for. The trading volume and liquidity of this exchange is not impressive at all, i hope the exchange build up on what to trigger and boost the level of the trading volume. Well the support teams are very fast at responding to messages. Thanks, you can equally use the exchange for the safety of your assets.Ver reseña completa

Logotipo de tokens.net

Tokens. Net is a cryptocurrency exchange which was founded in a continent called Europe. For this exchange to be launched in Europe does not mean the exchange is only menat for people in Europe, many other traders from different countries cant access the exchange well. The exchange is a very safe cryptocurrency exchange. This exchange has an application of it own, which makes trading activities faster and easier. The crypto-currency supported in this exchange is over 60, and also has a fast support teams, the customer care are friendly, and kind to it users. My registration process down to withdrawal process was easy. Thanks.Ver reseña completa

Logotipo de barterdex

Barterdex exchange was launched in the year 2017 in komodo, this exchange came as a decentralized exchange, which means the exchange is going to be very safe to trade on and the trading environment for trading is very impressive. In 2019, i tried using the exchange, so before using the exchange I went to Google to make researches on the exchange and read some reviews about the exchange but to my conclusion, I discovered the exchange has been on maintenance for over long time, with what I see I don't think the exchange is on maintenance, but he dead exchange also I went to telegram and I discover it has only its 8 subscribers, this has surely clarify the Dead nature of the exchange.Ver reseña completa

Logotipo de ooobtc

OOOBTC exchange is a cryptocurrency exchange, which I tried using last year, but on the process of connecting to the website, I got a connection error, which made me concluded that the exchange is not more in existence. I went further to check for its telegram account and I discover it has been off for over months, it was last active in March, this has clearly shown the inactiveness of the exchange. The reviews I read on the exchange stated that the withdrawal and other fees are very high and also the exchange has a referral link, this referral link enable users to get petty rewards, after which they refer another user.Ver reseña completa

Logotipo de cashpayz exchange

Cashpayz exchange came into existence in the year 2018 in India this exchange has once went off, maybe due to it maintenance activities, but now I think they are back, the exchange is active on telegram and the exchange has its own native token. I checked out for the telegram group and I discovered the exchange is active and the support teams are always ready to reply to the user's messages, also they give warning to users, that admin won't message them first, that they should be aware of scammers, with my observation I think this exchange is a good exchange to trade on, I will also try to make better researches to see, if I can also use the exchange. Ver reseña completa

Logotipo de optimus

Optimus is a cryptocurrency exchange which traits digital assets and also good for holding cryptocurrencies. The trading interface of his exchange is very simple and easy to navigate without any form of difficulties my registration with the exchange was very easy all I needed was my last name first name, email, referral code and I think that was all, in less than 3 minutes I was able to get my account, then my trading started. The exchange hard a native token called opex the trading fees of the exchange is very low, trading interface, and the support teams are very good. I love my trading time with the exchange, thank youVer reseña completa

Logotipo de synchrobit

SynchroBit is a cryptocurrency exchange which came into existence in the year 2018. The exchange is very easy to use and very fast in terms of transaction. also the trading fee of this exchange is very cheap and affordable by everyone, even the newbies. This exchange is also a Fiat and cryptocurrency exchange which allows deposit via MasterCard, visa with usdt, GBP and different type of Fiat currencies. The only negativity I see with this exchange, is the low trading volume and strict kyc verification processes. The exchange is a secured exchange, i advise traders tonise the exchange.Thank You for readingVer reseña completa

Logotipo de balancer

Balancer is a cryptocurrency exchange which I know is very good, for especially expert traders, to make profit. I wouldn't advise newbies to use this exchange, due to the advanced level of trading interface and trading strategies. The exchange is very very secured no user has reported anywhere that they are having problem with the security problem. I also went further to check this exchange on telegram, and what I saw was the exchange has exactly 4208 members with active chats and also the group is very interactive, in fact it is a helping hand group. If you need the service of this exchange I advise you to use the exchange thank you.Ver reseña completa

Logotipo de ripbit trade

Rip bit trade is a cryptocurrency exchange which I came across last year and I made serious research about the exchange, after my researches I went further to open an account with the exchange this year but all I discovered was the exchange is on maintenance meaning no trading activity was going to take place. well, before the maintenance the exchange was actually doing very good, but for now I can't use the exchange due to it maintenance, also I went to check the social media presence and I discover the exchange is not on telegram, this exchange should do the needful to avoid being seen as an untrusted exchange.myVer reseña completa

Logotipo de digifinex

This was one of the exchanges I used with high sense of comfortability. Digital finex exchange was launched in the year 2017,in Seychelles. I came across the exchange since 2019. I used the exchange and I was very satisfied with the services. The exchange charges no fee for registration. Now I am writing on what I experienced. Registration required email and password, then verification of account, and that all. It was so fast and simple to carry out. I deposited via crypto since it was supported and was the easiest way for me to get started. The exchange is very safe, and has a very good trading environment. I will continue trading here.Ver reseña completa

Logotipo de revain


my name is David Revain this is a cryptocurrency this was introduce to the public in 2017 it is a good and the best trading platform it is the best and one of the largest cryptocurrency that you can trade or invest with it is rank as the 48th largest cryptocurrency ever with a market dominance of 0.15 percent it is smart in trading on and the best and it is a good long time investment as an expert on trading revain can worth around $00.43 price revain can grow faster than others cryptocurrency except bitcoin and some other revain is the best and good platform that you can invest on it is cheaper than others cryptocurrency ever it is a good cryptocurrency investment founded by Rinat arslonos he was an entrepreneur I have started trading with revain for 3 years now it is the fastest and smart cryptocurrency ever. Ver reseña completa

Logotipo de bundle

Bundle exchange a well known africa exchange. I was shocked to know the exchange comes from africa. Since it was form Africa and it traded the coins I trade, and the exchange is safe and okay by me. I picked interest to use the exchange. My registration was stressful but also interesting. I don't know why people dislike KYC verification process, me as a trader, if exchange i am interested in doesn't support KYC, I feel my account is not safe and the exchange might be risky to trade on, but for bundle exchange it supported KYC before any transaction can take place. The exchange has made easy conversation of fiat currencies . Ver reseña completa

Logotipo de coinspot

I have only come to explore this exchange not to write on my experience. After making researches on the exchange, now it was time for me to register, then I came to realize that my country was not supported I was so disappointed. I wanted to enjoy from the service of the exchange but it was not possible, I think only the Australian traders can even use the exchange. That means the fiat supported is also the Australia currency. Coinspot has deep liquid and trading volume. It is very trusted and safe to use. It was established or came into the crypto currency market in 2013, this means the exchange has been doing well till date. Ver reseña completa

Logotipo de kumex

From Singapore in the middle of the year 2019. Kumex exchange claims to rebrand it features to Kucoin. I think this is very true. The exchange trades limited crypto currency with a bit low low fee. This exchange on telegram doesn't have much member, and seems are not even active. I expected that the mistake will be corrected for trust. The exchange itself is less liquid, but though has avery fine and impressive trading environment. Also, the deposit method is not okay by me, I could only use credit card method for deposit which i was not comfortable with. I don't have other things to say about the Exchange, but I advice the teams to work better in their platformVer reseña completa

Logotipo de max-performance sports & more

This is another shopping complex known on internet which offers sharpening services. The platform is known to a very trusted and popular media, where people from different countries can buy or order for any goods ranging from ice blade projector, catchball goalie reaction performance trainer. These goods are bought in a very low price, which customers can afford. The website is easily navigated, I didn't face any hardship in using the website. Also I checked for the social media accounts, and I discovered the exchange is only on Twitter and Facebook, I was opportune to go through the Facebook, and my notice was that the last post on Facebook is been long. We have been discussing on max performance sports and moreVer reseña completa

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