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About DigiFinex

DigiFinex is a world leading digital assets trading platform, focusing on cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin etc. It was founded by blockchain enthusiasts and the core team come from well-known technology companies such as Xunlei, Tencent, Baidu and HP. DIGIFINEX LIMITED is a Seychelles company headquartered in Singapore. DigiFinex is committed to provide blockchain users safe, secure and convenient investment channels.

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DigiFinex - A Global Multi-Purpose Blockchain in the Crypto Market

DigiFinex is an open source platform that allows the exchange and commercialization of crypto assets between different blockchain networks worldwide and without restrictions due to the use of decentralized open source technology. DigiFinex employs...See full review

The exchange is easy and simple to register on..

This was one of the exchanges I used with high sense of comfortability. Digital finex exchange was launched in the year 2017,in Seychelles. I came across the exchange since 2019. I used the exchange and I was very satisfied with the services. The...See full review

The exchange is known and trusted.. So trading here is safe

Digital finex exchange came from Seychelles. This exchange is a regulated exchange, I am sure all of us know what it takes for an exchange to be regulated or licensed. This means the exchange is very trustworthy and reliable. Also, the developers...See full review

The easiest and most convenient place to trade your digital assets

DIGIFINEX ( Digital Finance Exchange ) is a Crypto trading platform and interface for all digital currency traders worldwide, taking a deep research on the origin of this exchange it's so obvious that the team behind the founding of DIGIFINEX were...See full review

It is not difficult to utilize trades with a huge index of digital currencies on the rundown.

DigiFinex is a shut source stage that ensures limitless admittance to digital currencies in different blockchain networks all throughout the planet and the presentation of advances that are not decentralized with a shut source code. DigiFinex...See full review

Digifinex open sourcing platform that enables exchange

Digifinex may be an open sourcing platform that permits the change and use of crypto belongings among absolutely one-of-a-kind blockchain networks round the arena and with out regulations thru using suburbanized open supply technology. DigiFinex...See full review

Digifinex is liberated from any danger exchanging.

DigiFinex is an open source stage that permits limitless exchanging of crypto assets and decentralized open source developments across different blockchain networks all throughout the planet. Because of the utilization of decentralized open source...See full review

DigiFinex - A Worldwide Multi-Reason Blockchain in the Crypto Market

DigiFinex is an open source stage that permits the trade and commercialization of crypto resources between various blockchain networks worldwide and without limitations because of the utilization of decentralized open source innovation....See full review

Digifinex is an exchange that is safe and secure

Digifinex is an acronym for digital assets financial exchange. It was established in 2017 by the CEO of Digifinex LTD known as Ned Kee. The exchange has headquarter in Singapore but it is licensed by Seychelles regulatory body. Digifinex is an...See full review

Easy to use exchange with a large catalog of listed cryptocurrencies.

DigiFinex has become one of the most important exchanges in the cryptocurrency industry, it has traditional exchange methods and the latter margin with a basic version for beginners, it is noteworthy that it is easy to use and is compatible with...See full review