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About DigiFinex

DigiFinex is a world leading digital assets trading platform, focusing on cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin etc. It was founded by blockchain enthusiasts and the core team come from well-known technology companies such as Xunlei, Tencent, Baidu and HP. DIGIFINEX LIMITED is a Seychelles company headquartered in Singapore. DigiFinex is committed to provide blockchain users safe, secure and convenient investment channels.

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Lot of giveaways you can get from Digifinex

If you are looking for new platforms and considering to sing up for any new exchange you would like to try, you usually have to run into some of their advertisement in the space (web, newsletter, social media - especially twitter) in order to be…

It is not difficult to utilize trades with a huge index of digital currencies on the rundown.

DigiFinex is a shut source stage that ensures limitless admittance to digital currencies in different blockchain networks all throughout the planet and the presentation of advances that are not decentralized with a shut source code. DigiFinex…

Digifinex scammers platform sidus and senate fake tokens listed at digifinex

@DigiFinex Don’t trust this #Digifinex wallet they list fake tokens. #Sidus #Senate. They stuck my $950 in there wallet. They block me at customer support help, even they blocked me from there telegram group. It’s been 1 month they are not releasing the money which i had invested. Now they are not replying anywhere they keep blocking there stucked customers useless digifinex services. I try to contact digifinex support but they don’t have any answers regarding sidus token which they list on 14 December. How they can do that with innocent customers. I am fedup I only had 900$ which i invited on there platform they really useless people. They scam with innocent people don’t trust them guys you will be regret if you invested on there platform. They don’t have real followers on there twitter page even on there telegram. They are running a big scam

Digifinex is an exchange that is safe and secure

Digifinex is an acronym for digital assets financial exchange. It was established in 2017 by the CEO of Digifinex LTD known as Ned Kee. The exchange has headquarter in Singapore but it is licensed by Seychelles regulatory body. Digifinex is an exchange that has earned good reputation for providing safe, secure and convenient investment platform where traders can trade multiple coin and enjoy high liquidity. The exchange support many cryptocurrencies up to 83 which includes the major ones and some flat currencies. It offers 159 currency pairs. Despite being new inthe market digifinex has enjoyed very high market capitalization that has continued to rise above others even inside covid 19. For deposit, it charges zero fee and only takes 0.003 BTC on withdrawal. It is good to know that all assets are held in offline cold wallet and multilayer hot wallet to enhance security. Until now there is no report that digifinex is ever hacked

Fake Trading on Small Coins. I would stay away

Digifinex may offer alot of coins but when i tried to buy a coin with a very small marketcap.The order just didnt get fulfilled although it looked like there is alot of traction. Even when i wanted to buy a very small amount and set a price HIGHLY above the market price.The order didnt get fulffiled. Although there has been alot of sell orders just a second ago. Digifinex claims that they automatically match the seller to the buyer. So this sell orders should be automatically matched but it was not. Instead the sell order price just increased. When i delisted my high buy order the sell orders automatically switched back to a more normal price. I suppose that a computer programs generates those listings automatically to make it look like that something happens on this crypto exchange. I would stay away from a company that uses those practices. Imagine how they handle big amounts of money

The exchange is easy and simple to register on..

This was one of the exchanges I used with high sense of comfortability. Digital finex exchange was launched in the year 2017,in Seychelles. I came across the exchange since 2019. I used the exchange and I was very satisfied with the services. The exchange charges no fee for registration. Now I am writing on what I experienced. Registration required email and password, then verification of account, and that all. It was so fast and simple to carry out. I deposited via crypto since it was supported and was the easiest way for me to get started. The exchange is very safe, and has a very good trading environment. I will continue trading here.

Pros & cons

  • Highly liquidity
  • Very trusted
  • Affordable fees
  • Huge number of members
  • none

The exchange is known and trusted.. So trading here is safe

Digital finex exchange came from Seychelles. This exchange is a regulated exchange, I am sure all of us know what it takes for an exchange to be regulated or licensed. This means the exchange is very trustworthy and reliable. Also, the developers of the exchange are well trained and I think they are skilled professionals. The exchange allow me to trade variety of crypto currencies, comfortably, at any time any where. The languages the exchange supported is very very good, this is an international exchange, their services is opened to the world. My registration process down to withdrawal time was excellent. I will highly rate the exchange because it worth it.

Pros & cons

  • Many Cryptos ate traded with ease
  • Fast and reliable
  • The support team are very fast
  • High liquid
  • none

The easiest and most convenient place to trade your digital assets

DIGIFINEX ( Digital Finance Exchange ) is a Crypto trading platform and interface for all digital currency traders worldwide, taking a deep research on the origin of this exchange it's so obvious that the team behind the founding of DIGIFINEX were groups of trained personalities with year's of experience, professionalism and expertize in blockchain and financial management system, more so the exchange has received many positive feedback from users for its excellent performance since it was created. The exchange operates in Seychelles and it's being licensed by one of the best regulatory bodies for Digital currency over there. DIGIFINEX doesn't only offer traders services in exchange for some monetary compensation in form of trade transaction fee, but they are always working to see that their clients are satisfied and happy with the level of their service delivery. To the best of my knowledge, the exchange has the state of art security protocol, I haven't heard any news or…

Digifinex open sourcing platform that enables exchange

Digifinex may be an open sourcing platform that permits the change and use of crypto belongings among absolutely one-of-a-kind blockchain networks round the arena and with out regulations thru using suburbanized open supply technology. DigiFinex makes use of its local DFT token to perform all transactions inside your community and to carry out a couple of features withinside the platform. What utilities will DigiFinex provide? DigiFinex is a globalized cryptocurrency buying and selling device that permits a huge variety of applications: * Trading virtual currencies among one-of-a-kind change networks with an outsized quantity of economic transactions and interchangeably changing paper cash and cryptocurrency transactions with a couple of networks. * Multiple funding offerings in crypto belongings, thru financing or cash. * Provides academic substances for novices withinside the global of blockchain technology. * Provides an final device for blockchain mission developers. * Provides…

Digifinex is liberated from any danger exchanging.

DigiFinex is an open source stage that permits limitless exchanging of crypto assets and decentralized open source developments across different blockchain networks all throughout the planet. Because of the utilization of decentralized open source advancements, DigiFinex is an open source stage that permits crypto resources for be traded between various blockchain networks all throughout the planet. DigiFinex utilizes the adjoining DFT tag to play every one of the exchanges together and play various significant occasions inside the scene. What organization does DigiFinex give? DigiFinex is the world's main cash exchanging structure with a wide scope of issues: * The type of financing among current money trade guidelines with different trade chains.

Pros & cons

  • Ideas that go with the web.
  • KYC is expected to get cash from clients.

DigiFinex - A Worldwide Multi-Reason Blockchain in the Crypto Market

DigiFinex is an open source stage that permits the trade and commercialization of crypto resources between various blockchain networks worldwide and without limitations because of the utilization of decentralized open source innovation. DigiFinex utilizes its local DFT token to execute all exchanges inside its arrange and play out numerous capacities inside the stage. What utilities does DigiFinex give? DigiFinex is a globalized cryptographic money exchanging framework that permits a wide assortment of employments: * Exchange computerized monetary standards between various trade networks with a huge volume of money exchanges and in a financed way. * Trade of exchanges with FIAT cash and digital forms of money with different organizations. * Various speculation benefits in crypto resources, through financing or money. * Offers instructive material to amateurs in the realm of blockchain innovation. * Gives a state of the art apparatus to blockchain…

DigiFinex - A Global Multi-Purpose Blockchain in the Crypto Market

DigiFinex is an open source platform that allows the exchange and commercialization of crypto assets between different blockchain networks worldwide and without restrictions due to the use of decentralized open source technology. DigiFinex employs its native DFT token to execute all transactions within its network and perform multiple functions within the platform. What utilities does DigiFinex provide? DigiFinex is a globalized cryptocurrency trading system that allows a wide variety of uses: * Trade digital currencies between different exchange networks with a large volume of cash transactions and in a financed manner. * Exchange of transactions with FIAT money and cryptocurrencies with multiple networks. * Multiple investment services in crypto assets, through financing or cash. * Offers educational material to beginners in the world of blockchain technology. * Provides a cutting-edge tool for blockchain project creators. * Offers online support for professional experts on

Easy to use exchange with a large catalog of listed cryptocurrencies.

DigiFinex has become one of the most important exchanges in the cryptocurrency industry, it has traditional exchange methods and the latter margin with a basic version for beginners, it is noteworthy that it is easy to use and is compatible with the main languages So you possibly have a version in your crazy language. Quick exchange platform for any user with little experience can easily adapt, it is fast and allows high scalability in order taking allowing to operate in real time in case of working trading and I comment this as it has excellent liquidity being one of the favorite platforms for this type of user Highly secure, the security protocols it provides are the market average, now it supports buying using fiat money with your credit card. This can be a good alternative for those seeking crypto diversity👍

Emerging Asian exchange

DigiFinex was launched in 2018, it is considered emerging Asian exchanges attracting a large number of users. DigiFinex's trading area focuses on Bitcoin, ETH and other coins. Its team is composed of young people and enthusiasts of Blockchain technology, they used to work for big corporations like Baidu, Tencent, Xunlei. The main products of DigiFinex floor can include spot products and derivative products. DFT is an ERC 20 standard token created with the same function as the BNB coin of the Binance exchange. Users can buy Crypto through the fiat portal of this exchange, in addition they can borrow crypto in the lending area.

Highlights of Digifinex

Digifinex is the leading digital exchange in the world, focusing on the cryptocurrency trading space with major coins such as BTC, ETH, LTC, and also listing coins. new from their chosen ICO or IEO projects. The founding team is passionate about the technology of cryptocurrencies and they have all worked at leading technology companies such as Tencent and Baidu. The Singapore-based exchange aims to create a user-friendly and secure exchange. DFT is a token created by the exchange to reduce transaction fees for users, basically it is similar to BNB, DFT runs on ERC20.


DigiFinex It is a platform that has multiple options for new users since their exchanges are simple, this platform has a very good amount of cryptocurrencies at your disposal and It has a mobile application on Android and iOS, being an advantage to continue trading outside the home, although it is somewhat unstable. This platform provides excellent liquidity and good security and Providing users of its interface attractive and easy to handle. Registering on this platform is very easy either through Gmail or by phone number It has a list of 10 languages ​​supported for users from different countries facilitating the management of the platform It has its own native file to make discount rates and access exclusive options of its interface

Pros & cons

  • Multiple languages
  • Good amount of cryptocurrencies
  • Easy to use interface
  • Nothing for me


The DigiFinex exchange platform is a platform with a large number of cryptocurrencies to trade, this platform has excellent liquids due to the volume it has, in addition to having very good security and high performance in processing transactions, creating A user on this platform is very simple since you can do it by providing your email or phone number and enter a password and ready you will have an account with which you can carry out withdrawal transactions, deposits and asset transfers with great comfort since its interface is very easy to use for any user in addition to having 10 languages ​​available to facilitate the user their operations on this great platform

Pros & cons

  • variety of languages ​​available
  • good liquids
  • interfaces with attractive designs and very easy to use
  • Identity verification is required to withdraw a large number of cryptocurrencies
  • problems in mobile application

DigiFinex Exchange

DigiFinex is defined as the world's leading stable and secure digital asset platform. Its platform at first glance is comfortable and informative. Accept a considerable number of cryptocurrencies for sale and purchase as BTC, ETH, LTC, EOS, USDT, among others. This exchange has its own token known as DFT, With which vip users can enjoy discounts on fees for position blocking, also earn additional rewards during the blocking period among other features that they make it eye-catching. DigiFinex offers a secure and stable system, as it offers multiple fail-safe layers that protect the assets of its clients.

Pros & cons

  • Offers different major currencies and multiple pairs
  • It is rated among the top 10 worldwide for its volume and liquids
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Quick and easy trade
  • Mobile application for Android and iOS
  • Free deposits, and low fees
  • Native token with reward system
  • You have certain problems in your mobile application


DigiFinex is one of the best exchange that offers very good services to its users that are very good. This platform has a good interface that is very well designed, it makes it a very good platform, easy and quick to use, taking into account that we can use it from your mobile application like Android and iOS, although there are comments that are not very good. It is an exchange that is handled in several countries without any type of inconvenience since it handles 10 languages that are very useful for its management.

Pros & cons

  • interface with a very good and easy design that is very convenient for commerce.
  • supports ten different languages for the use of any user
  • It has a token that was born with it that has almost the same functions as those of another token.
  • Deposits cost users no fees
  • There are over 200 trading pairs on this exchange
  • The mobile web version is not well adapted

Digi exchange platform.

Digi finex is a world’s leading digital trading platform, focusing on cryptocurrencies like bitcoin,ethereum,litecoin.The company Digi finex limited owns the digi finex exchange site.The founders of Digi finex company are from well known companies such as xunlei,tencent,baidu.The company has headquarters in singapore but is registered in Seychelles. The exchange has impressive liquidity and in terms of market capitalisation,it is regularly in the top twenty five cryptocurrency exchanges.