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is a cryptocurrency, uses zero knowledge proofs involving a greater degree of privacy that does even list out the amount and identity of the parties, to the trabnsaction Anonymous Transactions Anonymous transactions are an optional feature. A minimum of 8 GB of RAM is required with a few minutes to sign in and send an anonymous transaction. Core Technology The zk-SNARK protocol, was invented in 2014 and implemented in 2016 with Zcash. It is relatively new and has yet to undergo the test of time which other privacy cryptos have seen i.e. Monero. Distribution Mechanism Mining of Zcash is taxed for 4 years and there is a lack of transparency around the reward percentage each entity will receive. Governance Mechanism It differs to most cryptocurrencies as a company that takes care of its departments i.e. security and inflation. Partnerships J.P.Morgan has adopted Zcash to provide a new layer of privacy to its enterprise-grade blockchain called Quorum. I have provided recommended reading to help you to understand Zcash further.Ver reseña completa

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I like IOTA very much from my Heart bcz it's first of it's kind since no other blockchain startups brought mining less transaction or no transaction fee blockchain,Only after the lauch of IOTA many new start ups came up claiming that they will be launching neural technology etc but none have launched their own blockchain still now.But IOTA made it & also proved it's technology. IOTA founders are Really awesome in marketing, they have been taking part in many blockchain conference and it leads to huge exposure to the masses which wount many of the startups don't doVer reseña completa

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Dash may be the first of its kind (Privacy or Masternode ) but to frankly say whay is the use of that Coin?? People Just Bought it at a hype & fomo apart from that i hate dash and many other currencies. The biggest drawback for dash is their less supply & high fees.If dash lauch a new coin by hardforking with extra new features then dash can sustain for a longrun.Ver reseña completa

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Currency Economics: NEM has a capped currency volume (8,999,999,999). This reduces the inflationary pressure of currency volume expansion. Moreover, harvesting (made possible at 10,000 XEM) provides an incentive for individuals to hold XEM and use of XEM as a currency is encouraged through the harvesting mechanic. These factors indicate that NEM has scope for rapid price acceleration due to an incentive to hold. -Market Trading & Liquidity: In comparison to many other major currencies NEM has a low trading volume and relative stability. This suggests NEM holders are in it for the long-hall and prices are less inflated by trader speculation. Additionally, whilst NEM is on Poloniex and Bittex many other major exchanges (Kraken) do not stock it. Lower access predicates lower price. As access increases (which it will) demand is only likely to improve. -Location: NEM is centred around Japan, a country at the forefront of cryptocurrency legislation development. Potentially a high value market which NEM could capture. I’m a firm believer that will see Asian focused cryptocurrency go on this rise over the next few years. -Knowledge: Despite its high market cap, NEM little is little know and rarely discussed. This gives it good scope for expansion. Especially if marketing can be improved. -Development: NEM have a huge development fund (around 1,000,000,000 XEM). Whilst it generates the risk of a pump and dump (not likely see marketing) it gives the development team the option to expand rapidly and invest heavily.Ver reseña completa

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EOS is referred to as next Ethereum but they are back at promotion were as IOST is making a huge promotion all over the internet EOS need to consider in Marketing sector. But Over all EOS have a bright future since they attracted tons of Institutional investorsVer reseña completa

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