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I like that we have access from anywhere with internet connection! It's easy enough so anyone can use it without having any experience at using software or computers! The dashboard isn't very intuitive (I'm still learning how everything works). Also sometimes there are issues where you cannot see your posts unless they're already posted - which means if someone comments back right away after posting their comment won't show up until later when more people view them. This has been solved but could be better explained within an instructional video tutorial instead of just sending out emails about what needs changed/improved upon. Having this tool makes our jobs easier because now everyone knows exactly who wants information regarding certain products / services etc., as well as being able to monitor conversations going across various platforms such as Instagram & Facebook pages etc.. Ver reseña completa

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I love Anewstip for the easy to use platform. I am able to quickly and easily find the media I'm looking for. I also love how Anewstip keeps my media lists up-to-date. It's so easy to find new contacts and keep them on my lists. I wish I could be able to edit my lists once I submit them. I would also like to be able to do bulk submissions. It's a great tool for finding media! It's so easy to use that anyone can pick it up very quickly. I also like that Anewstip sends me an email when someone responds to my submission. I can then go in and edit and update the listing as needed. It's also great that I can upload a CSV file and Anewstip will bulk submit all of. Ver reseña completa

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The best part is that I can get my questions answered right away from their friendly staffs even when it's late at night, which saves me so much time compared to other websites where you have wait for days or weeks before they reply! Also there are some minor bugs here & There but nothing serious as of now since we haven't been using this website very long yet (4 months). It was free during our first month trial period then after 4-6 monthly payments were made online via paypal account -> all charges will be added automatically into your credit card without any notification beforehand like most companies do today/used too many times previously such PayPal etc., We didn’t see anything wrong until recently while trying out different payment methods because sometimes due dates change unexpectedly if one isn’ t around immediately upon. Ver reseña completa

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I like that is has so many features for my websites, it's very easy to use! Also you can create your own plugins if needed by yourself or using third party developers which helps alot with customizing things in ways not possible otherwise (or maybe even at all). The support team also helped me out when i had issues installing themeroller plugin from github after downloading their zip package of cms files - they were friendly enought as well :) It would be nice though having more prebuilt themes available but then again this isn't really an issue since there are plenty free ones online anyway :D Still haven;' t found anything about schlix we dislike yet apart form being able too choose what kind theme suits best our needs/business model etc., however nothing major either ;) We started building small website backends few months ago without any knowledge how web development works nor. Ver reseña completa

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Reception 24/7

I like that it's easy for me as an owner who is not in every day can call someone else when needed! They really care about our customers satisfaction!! Everyone gets along great together with good humor even though some days are rough sometimes due weather or whatnot but we keep working through all this. The only thing i would say was they could do more training if there were any questions during sign up process which seems odd because everyone has said how much help from customer service department so far. ! It took them time getting used too since most people don't talk alot anymore unless their first few weeks at work where trying get use into routine now once again its going well. !! But still no one does anything by themselves just asking other employee before doing task also very helpful. Ver reseña completa

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I like how E-mails are sent automatically at my chosen time, day or night! This makes it easy for me as an office manager/secretary to send out emails with just one click of a button!! The layout is simple yet very user friendly which allows our team members to easily understand what they need to do in order to complete their work correctly without having any problems completing tasks! Nothing really to dislike about this software but would say that there could be some improvements made such as allowing more than 1 recipient per e mail address (as we have multiple mailing lists) when sending mass mails etc. We've been using smartmailers because its great if you're looking to automate certain processes within your business - whether that's sales leads via autoresponders or general admin stuff; everything can be done through smarmailer. It has also helped us create automated newsletters so customers don't receive too many unsolicited messages. Ver reseña completa

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