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Aeternity solve this issue of privacy using state channels. Transactions on Ethereum takes time due to congestion on blockchain and it’s worse in case of Bitcoin. Aeternity is lightning fast thanks to the use of state channels.Ver reseña completa

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ICON, AION, and WAN all came together in December 2017 to form the BIA, in an effort to capitalise on the individual advantages of each project. ICON, as we have discussed, wants to “Hyperconnect the World” by building the largest blockchain ecosystem in the world. AION, as we have already written about, is looking to become a common protocol for all blockchains to connect between one another, while WAN is building a system to allow digital assets to be securely transferred and exchanged across any blockchain system; if they all achieve their individual goals, this partnership would lead to an instant advantage to all parties, as they fit together ideally. AION would potentially give ICON the ability to connect to any AION-compliant blockchain, which should grow over time and remove most global barriers for ICON.Ver reseña completa

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Zilliqa doesn't have to beat Ethereum. The blockchain platform ecosystem will be huge going forward so there's plenty of room for Eth, Neo, Zilliqa and more. It's like any other huge industry. When the likes of the Ford Motor Company came along you didn't see competitors go "oh well, that space is now fully occupied".Ver reseña completa

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Literally the first part of the post. The post to me is interpreted as how do these other coins differ to XMR as they are much lower in price / market cap. I make the assumption that OP does not realise all three coins in reference have a supply in the billions compared to XMR. But make the assumption I own XMR and I’m plugging it. I’m a long time DGB trader. Bought at 90 sats earlier this year and sold at 2200 sats. Will re-enter when the time is right.Ver reseña completa

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Bitcoin Diamond

One similarity is that it uses the Proof of Work algorithm and mining for transaction and block verification. Miners receive a reward for providing the computing power necessary to do verifications. It differs from Bitcoin however because it does not use the SHA-256 algorithm.Ver reseña completa

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