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Perhaps this is a project that is much discussed by the community in the last days of 2018 and early 2019, not because of its special technology, but because of many scandalous events and price increases. weirdo. Separated from Bitcoincash and supported by big names like nChain, CoinGeek and SVpool, its goal is to fulfill Bitcoin's payment mission.Ver reseña completa

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One of the anonymous coins that I appreciate is Zcoin, which is a potential currency that you may have to consider when investing. Some of the highlights of the technology that zcoin uses are the Zero coin technology. This is a technology that completely breaks transaction links through the use of non-knowledge evidenceVer reseña completa

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Ripple is known as a cryptocurrency that builds a payment and transaction system based on a database developed by the ripple company. Ripple's main goal is to connect banks, payment providers and digital asset exchanges, enabling faster global payments and cost savings. Ripple has built its own networks including Xrp ledger, Ripple net, Xrapid, Xcurrent. Ver reseña completa

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Zcash is a digital currency for private transactions, all zcash transactions can be public in a ledger but recipients, senders and transactions can be kept private. Like Bitcoin it has a total supply of 21 million. Using Zerocash technology, this technology is applied not only to Zcash but also to some other famous cryptocurrencies such as Horizen, Komodo ...Ver reseña completa

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The new-generation cryptocurrency is the upgrade of Btc in terms of security and privacy when making transactions, It is the first cryptocurrency to mention the anonymity of transactions when using coinjon technology and translation. Crypto scrambling incident.Ver reseña completa

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Together with Binance, okex. Huobi is the remaining exchange in the top of the large and influential global exchanges originating from China. Huobi has many trading pairs and supports many communities, it has local exchanges such as Huobi us, Huobi Kr trading in fiat currency in that country. Huobi is favored by the Chinese government to have the advantage of being used more by Chinese traders, so Huobi is allowed to store large amounts of cryptocurrencies on its cold wallets. To me, Huobi is a very good exchange to useVer reseña completa

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Today I will introduce you to a very famous cryptocurrency exchange in China: Okex, Used by many critics and traders, okex trading platform integrates leverage, contract and binary trading, It supports multiple languages, we can buy cryptocurrencies using fiat on okex in many ways In short, Okex is a trading platform worth trying as a professional traderVer reseña completa

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Ethereum is a cryptocurrency developed on the basis of Blockchain technology . Ethereum, it was created to be a platform for developing Smart Contracts and Dapps. We Can receive eth by buying on exchange or minningVer reseña completa

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Bitcoin (abbreviated as BTC) was created by Satoshi Nakamoto in 2009 in the form of open source. Bitcoin can be exchanged directly via the internet without any other financial intermediaries. The most different thing about Bitcoin from other currencies is that it is not controlled or regulated under a central bank or a government organization or an individual.Ver reseña completa

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NEXO was a very popular project in April 2018 when it raised more than $ 52 million in Public Pre-sale. NEXO is also one of the early projects to apply Blockchain technology in the financial field Nexo is an instant lending platform with Crypto. With Nexo's solution, users can both own their cryptocurrency and still get a Fiat Ver reseña completa

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