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About Zcoin

Zcoin is aiming to provide the strongest level of anonymity that is possible without sacrificing usability, the auditability of our coin supply and relying on well established cryptographic protocols.

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Zcoin cryptocurrency intended for privacy

Currently there have been many projects that want to create new cryptocurrencies based on anonymity. However, to date, Zcoin is one of the most popular currencies in this regard on the market. Zcoin (XZC) is a cryptocurrency that is especially...See full review

Zcoin: the anonymity you require for your financial management

By using electronic platforms to manage our finances without custody, we often expose valuable data to third parties, exposing our privacy and running the risk of it being manipulated maliciously. Thinking about guaranteeing our financial privacy...See full review

In-depth overview and analysis about Zcoin.

Zcoin is a cryptocurrency that uses zero-knowledge proof technology to enable users to send and receive money without having to disclose which coins they possess. Every unit of money in the Zerocoin system is both burnt and created at the same time…See full review

All people can use their all services

With digital cash such as Bitcoin and Etherum proceed to upward shove in reputation and prices, greater and greater humans prefer to convey their fingers on the tool. When demand has increased, some retail outlets have been set up to serve the...See full review

ZCoin: Personal digital money for your exchanges and scheduled cycles!

It is worth noting that Zcoin intends to provide the most appropriate level of anonymity in terms of its convenience, the verification of our coin supply, and the underlying cryptographic conventions. So far, there are a number of issues that need...See full review

Zcoin cryptographic money planned for security

Right now there have been numerous activities that need to make new digital forms of money dependent on obscurity. In any case, until now, Zcoin is quite possibly the most mainstream monetary standards in such manner available. Zcoin (XZC) is a...See full review

ZCoin bar yes.

Zcoin uses the Zerocoin and Zeo-knowledge protocols, one of the most powerful and reliable encryption methods, to perform unknown operations to protect users' privacy. None of the Zerocoin transaction records are related to the real currency and...See full review

About Zcoin

When we talk about cryptocurrencies in general, there is something often described as a core feature: their ability to facilitate anonymous transactions. However, this is a misunderstanding because even cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum...See full review


Zerocoin is a currency that includes a decentralized blockchain which provides privacy and security for the operations of its members. The ZCoin platform is somewhat familiar to the bitcoin platform. That being said, the Zerocoin platform seeks to...See full review

ZCoin: the private cryptocurrency for your transactions and electoral processes!

ZCoin, also known as XZC, is a decentralized and open source digital currency; whose main feature is based on maintaining anonymity and privacy on the blockchain. What is your privacy? The ZCoin methodology gives users the possibility to destroy...See full review