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Acerca de BIT.TEAM

BIT.TEAM was launched in 2018, and the company’s headquarters is located in London. BIT.TEAM products include the SPOT exchange, P2P service and NFT marketplace. The first one ensures purchasing and selling cryptocurrencies via bank transfers and another 100 payment methods. BIT.TEAM P2P started to operate in 2018 and it currently has over 300 thousand active users. was launched in 2020 on the basis of Decimalchain NFT. BIT.TEAM exchange was launched in 2022, and now it comprises the feature of SPOT trading with “limit”, “market” and “stop-loss” orders with the fee of 0.2%. Users ...
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Great and comfortable

A large number of coins and low exchange fees. The exchange is reliable and keeps up with the times, constant updates expand the functionality and availability of exchanges

Pros & cons

  • large number of coins
  • Dont see

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Pros & cons

  • Fast, easy to use, security, safe
  • No

It's a great exchange.

Very reliable and convenient crypto exchange for both beginners and experienced traders. I was pleased with the speed and quality of service, as well as the absence of hidden commissions. I recommend to try it if you want to make money on cryptocurrency quickly, easily and safely.

Pros & cons

  • Fast, easy to use, safe.
  • Not found.

As a rule, it is really convenient

stock market here. you can profitably know in advance how the exchange-traded fund distributes dividends and coupon income. As a rule, it is really convenient. this is the best exchange right now

Pros & cons

  • high quality
  • no negative