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Review on Beaxy by José A Rodríguez

Beaxy: Hybrid Features not Very Common for an Exchange

Beaxy is an exchange service that looks even more like a casino because of certain features. It provides a welcome bonus that it is available for every user joining to it. However, the company seems not to be very reliable to provide this kind of promotions instead of simple airdrops. To become available and participate for the bonus users must pay in advance a deposit. There are many users, including me that think this is done as a strategy to mobilize the functioning of the platform. This exchange depends on a great level of user's integrations.

It is true it has good technical support and provides an excellent design for the entire platform, but this is what matter Lee's in all the things a trader is looking for. However, the exchange has good advantages to trading on it. One of them is that payments for the first stages can be done in fiat money, just in USD. It means hybrid payments that later can be converted into any of the most commercial tokens like BTC, ETH, or even the BXY token. This exchange is not difficult to use, users can find good rates to buy and sell cryptos rapidly.

One of the most impressive things of this stage is the great availability and integration it has with a sort of payments and deposit methods. From debit cards to national bank transfers are available there. The users just must link their account to the section in the service. The platform really has good entries for technology support and technical tools available. It also proposes to people a way of mastering financial freedom through trading having Bitcoin as the main leader overall operations.

However, in regard to all the previous things expressed, this exchange has entered in a controversial stage where people debates whether using it or not. So, to conclude with, I highly suggest doing exhaustive research to meet their policies and benefits, as well as the things it has to improve. I prefer to trade with the traditional ones because Beaxy is a little bit unreliable in the sense of the promotions it provides.

Pros & cons

  • Hybrid payments and deposits to start trading and advancing throughout the platform. It goes with USD entries.
  • It has great mobile app support. In fact, the mobile versions are updated and practical to use.
  • The exchange, overall, is good. It is easy to manage since the sections are similar to others.
  • The system provides content to master the first steps of trading and become a professional in the process.
  • The company provides welcome bonuses with not clear funds and entries. Applying for them is not so easy. The user can deposit for them without receiving any type of security.
  • Standard services and with options that are not very convenient for exchange service.
  • Most of the deposits and exchanges must be done giving representation to BTC and the BXY token.