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About BitMarket

The BitMarket.net marketplace has been created by creators of AfterMarket.pl, the largest domain marketplace in Central Europe. This marketplace meets all the required safety standards that are required from cryptocurrency traders. The servers are secured by state-of-the-art technologies, and our customers' funds are secure in a cold wallet. You can also secure the access to your account with two-factor authentication (2FA).

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BitMarket: This Project Belongs to the "Untracked Listing" Developmemts

BitMarket is another company of the crypto-world that failed a lot during its years of service. Currently, access to the main page is not granted as the team never supported to offer of new trading activities. The system started to offer bugs and...See full review

BitMarket: BitMarket is a Clean based cryptographic trade.

Hi today, I need to share my experience several insights on this trade, btc market. One Trade is the eventual outcome of a second-level arrangements ft affiliation arranged in Poland. Offer a huge load of exchange possibilities and a tremendous...See full review

BitMarket is a Polish-based cryptographic exchange.

Hello there today, I need to share my experience and a couple of musings on this exchange, btc market. One Exchange is the aftereffect of a second-level deals ft association situated in Poland. Offer a ton of trade chances and a huge load of...See full review

They announced their shutdown due to...

Hello today I want to share my experience and some thoughts about this exchange, the btc market. The Exchange is a product of the aftermarket ft company which is based in poland. The provide a lot of trading opportunity and a lot of features...See full review

Their Close Was Official!!

TThe BitMarket exchange platform happens to be one of the many exchange platforms that no longer function as of today. The exchange platform seems to have a specific reason for not offering their services to the public anymore and they made this...See full review

Bitmarket is gone for good

Bitmarket is no longer an active digital currency market,I have made several attempts accessing the exchange's website but it seems there is nothing left of the exchange because all my efforts to get information from their site was futile. The...See full review

Low liquidity was the reason the exchange shutdown

The exchange hasn't been appealing to me because I wasn't comfortable with takers paying twice the makers fee of 0.18% which amounts to a 0.36% fee on the liquidity takers,the withdrawal fee of 0.001BTC wasn't even encouraging . Despite the...See full review

Bitmarket has been closed down.

Bitmarket is a Poland based project it is one of the biggest market in England. It has stated that it is one of the most used Exchange within 8 years now. This was Exchange those not support buying and selling of cryptocurrency it only support...See full review

Closed due to liquidity issues

BitMarket exchange is a cryptocurrency exchange which was founded in Poland in 2015. The exchange has recorded a trading volume of $0 which is a clear indication that the exchange is no longer in service and no longer trades. Well, while the...See full review

Experience with BitMarket Exchange

BitMarket is a crypto-crypto and fiat-crypto trading platform that makes trading of cryptocurrencies easy for traders. Well, this exchange has also been labeled as "Untracked Listing" in CoinMarket Cap. The exchange has also recorded a Trading...See full review