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Review on BSCswap by SERDAR SEYLİYEV

Revainrating 2 out of 5

I don't think it's suitable for processing.

Although it serves in the lower chain of the Binance exchange, it is an exchange that is not used much. Because the total market volume of the stock market is equal to 12000 dollars now.
When we log into the website, there are designs similar to the Binance boss, but it looks very complex. I think this complexity might bother some of the users.
However, the crypto options listed in it are varied enough for one user. Even if there are so many crypto options available, there is no good price when trading with cryptos. For this reason, trading in the stock market can result in a loss of money.
As for security, I cannot say anything positive or negative for now because I have been following the stock market for a few days.
I could not see a communication link with a customer support team in the stock exchange to answer our problems. Of course, I'm not quite sure about this.
When I researched about the stock market in general, I learned that it does not have many users and does not see many loops. So, to be honest, I can say that trading in the stock market seems risky.

  • Its design looks normal.
  • The number of cryptocurrencies is large.
  • I could not see any other positive side of it.
  • mixed use.
  • I could not reach the customer support team.
  • low price offered.
  • There is not much user base.
  • There is no improvement in the stock market.

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