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Review on Bundle by Joseph Bello

Africa's Own Exchange

These days, cryptocurrencies is used even more than some fiats. Its quick and global adoption is a miracle. Due to this fast adoption, exchange platforms got really useful as one would need it to trade his or her assets. Many exchanges has been established but their rules tends to be hard to comply with for other citizens. This calls for the intervention of exchange platforms made by a country's citizen for his fellow citizens. Bundle is one of such exchange platforms. It was established for the sole purpose of serving Africans but is currently limited to Nigerians and Ghanaians, with the hope of extending their services soon.

The exchange platform seems to be new as I got introduced to the platform last year by a relation. Their user interface is structurally designed and beautifully made, understanding its interface is very easy making its services available and accessible to new traders. I had access to them via their Android version mobile application. This application requires an Alphanumeric password (which should contain numbers, alphabets and signs). This password is required to gain access to a user account. They have also made fingerprints available as an option to gain access to their services (applicable to mobile devices that has the fingerprint censor). They make competitions available on a weekly basis on their social media groups (I know of the Telegram group but have heard of Twitter doing so too). They presently have their own token, BXD which was shared to active and verified users (those that have traded on their platform with 10 dollars or more). Each user enjoyed an Airdrop of 500 BXD which is yet to have a market value. I didn't enjoy the Airdrop because I'm not a verified

They have their site constantly upgraded as their Android version mobile application currently have an updated one (which I haven't downloaded yet and can't really tell the features it possess). I love the fact that the exchange platform gives users the choice of selecting which fiat to use (as they have the USD and NGN available). Myself being a Nigerian would have my assets calculated in my country's

Pros & cons

  • Their interface is very beautiful and is easily operated
  • They have their mobile application available on Android phones
  • It has Africa as its target audience
  • They make their social media handles active NY making competitions available on a weekly basis
  • They have a very useful FAQ section that has answers to almost all the questions I have for them
  • With this exchange platform, I can calculate my assets in Naira
  • They hope to extend their services to the work in the nearest future
Thalhat Shuaib
January 10, 2021
This is a very nice effort by Africa to make itself known to the world. With an innovation like Bundle, I am very certain that more successful exchanges like Bundle will pop up from Africa. I have downloaded this exchange and I am ready to explore it