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Review on CoinMate by Patejl Patejlson

Revainrating 4 out of 5

Exhcnage with CZK pairs

Coinmate was one of my favorite exchanges as I could send there CZK, trade in CZK and withdraw CZK with low fees via FIO Bank. There is not so many czech exchanges, and this one is the biggest one. Once they have stopped CZK withdrawal it stopped been aractive for me as the competetion is better. In comparison they have few trading pairs, the liquidity is also lower, the fees are comparable. Worth to mention taht there are sometimes market anomalies with the price due to the lower liquidity. I hope they will implement CZK withdrawals again as this was their main advantage to avoid FX rates and best suits czech customers. I would also mentioned that the customer center was always great and helpful. I think that they know how to care about their customers so I strongly believe they will finally resume CZK withdrawals.
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  • can trade in CZK
  • userbase is sufficient
  • great customer center
  • stopped CZK withdrawals via FIO Bank
  • few coins traded
  • lower liquidity