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Review on CoinMate by Diana Lucky

Revainrating 3 out of 5

My opinion about Coinmate

The Coinmate exchange for me is like a small island where you feel safe. Good liquidity of the coins, a powerful security system (not a single hack for all the time is a fairly weighty argument), a relatively small commission. These are all good indicators of the quality of the portal where you can quickly and easily engage in crypto. But, despite the fact that all very familiar and popular coins are traded on the Coinmate exchange, there are critically few of them. And the world is developing - there are already many coins that are also important and needed by many traders. But which are not in the circulation of this exchange, and this is sad. Reviews are, of course, mostly good. But I also noticed that many experienced people began to leave this crypto exchange more and more, each for their own objective reasons. I am on this list too. Perhaps, if the team of this project decides to develop and expand its functionality, the number of good profitable coins - everything can change for the better.

  • A fast and convenient way to trade popular coins
  • Deposit safety, reliability
  • Relatively low fees
  • Small number of coins
  • Only a few trading pairs
  • Doesn't keep up with the times