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Review on DragonEX by Ahsan Habib

Words can't sum up how bad this exchange is. It has overly complicated…

Words can't sum up how bad this exchange is. It has overly complicated withdrawal and security procedures ....which simply do not work. Their lack of address contributes to ongoing technical issues. Yes, it has coins available ...but, the price you have to pay, coupled with no customer support on top of too many systemic issues and user losing their deposit makes this exchange ridiculous. I tried to get a password reset but never received any email which was supposed to be sent.

Pros & cons

  • Dragonex website is poorly design its too simple like some kid design they should improved the design looks better but too simple. Registration process is to slow confirmation code take too much time to arrived some time i can't login the login page is stuck when i click in login button nothing happen. Too be honest Dragonex is not good exchange in 2018.
  • Dragonex claims they support customer with verified customer manager but they didn't i think their customer support team poorly trained. In website i see two or three language maybe because without english i did not recognize other they should add more language.