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Review on GOKO by Isaac John

GOKO Exchange is out of service.

GOKO is a centralized exchange platform, where Users used to trade their currencies. Much information regarding this exchange, like its origin, trading view, transaction fees and so on. Are not given. But however, this exchange is said to be created by some experts team in blockchain technology.

access to its main site is very difficult. The last time i tried accessing its main page, it was showing Error and that I should try again. After trying again countless time, still I couldn't access it. This might be because it is no more in service or it has been shut down.

GOKO Exchange is not reliable anymore. I won't recommend anyone to trade on this exchange.

Pros & cons

  • Nothing good to relate about this exchange.
  • The services is no more accessible.
  • Information about this exchange is not given.
  • No record of transaction on this platform.
  • Not available.