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Review on Hello Global Exchange by larei bello

I didn't put much trust in this exchange

Hello Global exchange was launched in 2018 and powered by Huobi Cloud. The Exchange comes with some nice features to make it a nice trading platform. Since Hello Global exchange was powered by Huobi Cloud, it is assumed that the exchange shares alot of characteristics with it. The exchange has a nice interface for trading with professional trading charts. For a while this exchange had been inactive, speaking from what I saw on the Telegram group and the Twitter account. Hello Global charges a 0.2% fee for trading and 0.02/0.005% fee for contract trading. The liquidity is shared with Huobi exchange, which therefore means that the exchange is very liquid. The exchange supports fiat currencies like USD and EUR and Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Stellar, Ripple, ChainLink, Tether, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dash, TRX and some other cryptocurrencies. The use of two-factor-authentification is a nice step towards ensuring the total security of users account on this exchange. I havent made any deposits or any form of KYC verification yet because of the doubting features of this exchange. Left for me, I wouldnt advise users to put much of their funds here due to the unsure nature of this exchange.

Pros & cons

  • The exchange shares liquidity with Huobi global
  • The exchange has a nice trading interface
  • The fees charged are considerable
  • This exchange doesn't look straight forward,aa it has some unconvincing features
larei bello
February 23, 2021
On the bright side, this exchange also needs to work on its publicity, though it was powered by Huobi Exchange, i love the Exchange fees and even the interface, making it a common ground for experts and beginners to trade on
larei bello
February 23, 2021
larei bello
February 23, 2021
Some people might not be convinced to ise this exchange because of some of its unsure features, sometimes the exchange doesn't responds, the telegram group is not active even tue Twitter account hasn't been active for a while now