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Review on HitBTC by Danh Huỳnh Ngọc Công

HitBTC - Professional and secure trading

HitBTC is an old-aged cryptocurrency exchange that appeared the first time in 2013. Since its launch, HitBTC always stays in the lists of top exchange with advanced features that can satisfy the demands of most traders.

There are a lot of good things about the exchange. To begin with, the registration process does not take too much time of the new users. HitBTC only requires the submission of an email address, password, a real name (fake name is OK), phone number and country of residence. Some users may stuck at this stop as they come from one of the restricted nations but it is not a big deal as there are many ways to get through.

If someone ask me about the most essential thing that contributes to the existence of HitBTC, I would say it is its top-tier security. While famous exchanges with outstanding volumes are the biggest targets of the hackers, HitBTC (until now) remains "healthy" against the malicious activities. This casts a light for traders in finding a trusted exchange with a great fire wall safely secure their assets.

HitBTC's user interface leaves many other ones behind with a brilliant design. It's not just well forged with simple patterns and effective colors, but it also contains useful buttons which are very understandable and easy to navigate. The lay out of this interface is not fixed as 99% of cryptocurrency exchange as users can adjust it thanks to the button on the right side. Users can move, add, or remove the essential fields as their desire. However, I think it would be perfect if everything can fit in one screen so it is more convenient to perform the actions.

Great experience on trading is what HitBTC tries to deliver and to me, they has succeeded. Along with the professional design, they provide excellent features that help traders monitor, buy, and sell their assets in a gorgeous way. Design and functions blend properly into each other offering the ease in trading to everyone who are active on this platform. Traders will massive trading volume will enjoy the preferential trading fees which can fall to -0.01% for both maker and taker roles. Recently, HitBTC allows the purchase of cryptocurrencies via credit card and OTC trading so more users can access the trading conveniently. Besides, the exchange provides useful tools and trading choices to serve the effectiveness of trading activities.

High liquidity and a wide range of trading pairs attract a big number of users hoping to a place they can trade their favorite coins/tokens. At the time of writing, more than $490 mil worth of cryptocurrencies is traded on this exchanges and more than 1000 trading pairs are available to operation.

There are a few points that make HitBTC a not good decision for storing and trading crypto assets. Firstly, the withdrawal fees is fixed but high for traders with small amounts. Secondly, the registration stage is not flawfless with no instruction to educate the beginners about their accounts' security. Following these things, the identity of the company behind this platform is not really well known who rarely shows up during the operation. Customer support is a factor that badly influence users experience on this exchange, causing the appearance of complaining articles about HitBTC through out the internet. If possible, it should consider starting a mobile phone app, a native future trading platform and decentralized exchange to meet the trending demands. Additionally, there needs to be more available languages to serve customers from different countries.

Conclusion: HitBTC appears as a trustful cryptocurrency exchange with many great features and especially, the top-tiered security. By trading on this exchange, users enjoy one of the best trading platforms in blockchain industry. However, it's not a 10 out of 10 exchange because there are some noticeable drawbacks. Personally, I think everyone should give it a try.

Pros & cons

  • Top security proven during 6 years of operation
  • Smart, professional, and flexible user interface
  • Great trading experience for users
  • High liquidity
  • OTC trading availability
  • Rewarding trading fees for frequent traders
  • Wide range of trading pairs
  • Trading contest availability
  • Useful tools provision
  • Credit card allowance
  • Transparent operation
  • High withdrawal fees
  • No mandatory requests for account security
  • No futures, and no DEX
  • No mobile phone app
  • Shady company identity
  • Only a few languages
  • Problematic customer support
José A Rodríguez
June 17, 2020
This is an advanced exchange. I really enjoyed reading your review, but there are recent updates. However, I am particularly delighted with the possibilities of executing the best transaction with our assets. Let's remember to proceed carefully because some cryptos are volatile.
Danh Huỳnh Ngọc Công
September 25, 2019
I agree. Especially, accounts hacks happen very frequently. I suggest users set complex passwords
September 24, 2019
This is one of the exchanges that I would always recommend, because it has a long list of tokens and cryptocurrencies, usually if you want to find something new in Hitbtc you can find projects like that.   but always using it with caution.