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Revainrating 1.5 out of 5  
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Description of Instant Bitex

Instant Bitex is the premier U.K.-based blockchain platform, providing lightning-fast trade execution, dependable digital wallets and industry-leading security practices. The mission is to help advance the blockchain industry by fostering innovation, incubating new and emerging technology, and driving transformative change.


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Type of review

Revainrating 3 out of 5

The UK was registered out of service.

Learn about the UK-based company Bitex, which was launched in 2018 and don’t make a lot of money on the site right now as a normal liquidity, but as a page. He looks at the Bitcoin trade. That’s why I recommend that you be careful and guide yourself in the search for the grid. The task is to improve development by improving, increasing new and emerging attacks, and making changes. Take a look at the Revain tour and give it a try, it’s scary to believe my client’s test. None of the scenes have…

  • Allows U.S. investors
  • Communication methods for support are old.

Second Bitex is the greatest blockchain in the US giving lightning-fast exchanges, secure wallets and present day security. The task is to help with gaining ground by making improvements, copying new and emerging progressions, and making changes. Look at the Revain round and endeavor a piece, my customer experience is amazingly horrendous. None of the scenes are revolved around work, the page closes when I endeavor to buy BTC and the current expense isn't shown. Thea itself is at this point

  • it is of no use other than the basic game plan.
  • There are no amazing exchanges.
  • Strategies for help are old.
  • They are questionable.

Second Bitex is the biggest blockchain in the US giving lightning-quick trades, secure wallets and modern security. The errand is to assist with making progress by making enhancements, duplicating new and arising advancements, and making changes. Examine the Revain round and attempt a piece, my client experience is extremely awful. None of the scenes are centered around work, the page closes when I attempt to purchase BTC and the current cost isn't shown. Thea itself is as yet on the web, ho

  • it is of no utilization other than the fundamental arrangement.
  • There are no powerful trades.
  • Procedures for help are obsolete.
  • They are dubious.

Revainrating 1 out of 5

Instant Bitex Exchange

It is clearly obvious to me as to why instant Bitex exchange has been written off and looked down upon by many cryptocurrency traders who might have have an experience with the exchange one way or the order. The exchange has constantly denied me access to its trading interface on several occasionally when I tried to check out it's trading interface and make my research about the online cryptocurrency brokerage. I wasn't surprised to see that the exchange doesn't provides liquidity to traders…

  • None
  • My Access was denied
  • The exchange is not functional.

Revainrating 1 out of 5

My review on Instant Bitex

h It is a smaller cryptocurrency exchange that was released in 2018 it has approximately more than 1,000 users. The name of the company running the exchange is INSTANT BITEX LIMITED (company number 11353300). The major advantages are 24-hour support, multi-factor security, and very low fees. Their fee model is instead something we call a flat rate. They have a trading fee of 0.10%, the industry average is arguably around 0.25% . When withdrawing Bitcoin on instant bitex The exchange is…

  • It charges low fees
  • It allows US investors
  • It has zero trading volume

Revainrating 1 out of 5

UK enlisted trade unavailable.

Trade with an exceptionally fundamental plan for exchanging digital forms of money, it is totally out of activity, where a huge piece of its administrations have quit working in a dubious manner, so that the vast majority of the clients who put aside installments in the trade have been obstructed, hence a large number of the clients have detailed and thought about the trade as a trick, since the chairmen of the stage don't react to the messages and messages of the clients. The actual tra

  • It has a reference trade with designs progressively.
  • Gives applicable data on perceived business sectors and trades.
  • The trade is outside of exchanging administrations crypto resources and has been viewed as a trick.
  • Almost no data about the organizers and designers of the trade.
  • The social channel accessible to the trade is absolutely dormant.
  • Contact strategies for help are obsolete.

Revainrating 1 out of 5

Instant bitex

Instant bitex. instant bitex is the premier UK based blockchain platform providing lightning fast trade execution. This is a platform that has dependable digital wallets and industry. It also has a leading security practice that enables them no when they is a committed fraudulent This platform has not been in active position despite the bad developers involving them self in fraudulent activities. This system of exchange funds was developed by the white men back in the years whereas bringing…

  • Easy to access
  • Cheap fee
  • Bad network
  • Poor Security system
  • Inadequate infrastructure

Revainrating 1 out of 5


Be informed first hand that presently Instant Bitex exchange which is headquartered in United Kingdom and released in 2018 has no liquidity, as it is also being discovered via its website link that it is no more a cryptocurrency exchange but now a site comparing Bitcoin exchanges. So I kindly advise you to exercise caution and be guided with guarded. Instant Bitex charges 0.10% for both taker and maker as trading fee which is quiet competitive and it charges you 0.0005btc as withdrawal fee

  • It has multi factor security
  • Its fees are low
  • Its support service is available 24/7
  • It allows US investors
  • It has no liquidity
  • Its trading volume is zero
  • It has changed from being an exchange to a site that compares Bitcoin exchanges.

Moment Bitex is the largest blockchain in the United States providing lightning-fast exchanges, secure wallets and industrial security. The task is to help create progress by creating improvements, multiplying new and emerging innovations, and making changes. Analyze the Revain round and try a piece, my customer experience is very bad. None of the scenes are focused on work, the page closes when I try to buy BTC and the current price is not shown. Thea itself is still on the internet, but is…

  • it is of no use other than the basic plan.
  • There are no dynamic exchanges.
  • Strategies for help are outdated.
  • They are suspicious.

Revainrating 1 out of 5

Instant Bitex | An inefficient platform.

I’ve never heard of Instant Bitex before, see it on the Revain platform today and I tried a little and my user experience is absolutely bad. None of the platform functions work, the page gets stuck when I try to purchase BTC and doesn't show the current rate. However, they have 6 trading pairs on their platform, none of them are active now, There is no trading volume, and their integration with CMC has been canceled. When I checked their social media to know the current status of the…

  • There is no significant advantage here except for the basic design.
  • The functionality of the platform is ineffective.
  • The support service is very poor.
  • There is no active trading pairs.
  • All social media accounts of Instant Bitex have been inactive since 2020.

Revainrating 1 out of 5

UK registered exchange out of service.

Exchange with a very basic design for trading cryptocurrencies, it is completely out of operation, where a large part of its services have stopped working in a doubtful way, so that most of the users who made deposits in the exchange have been been blocked, therefore many of the users have reported and considered the exchange as a scam, since the administrators of the platform do not respond to the emails and messages of the users. The exchange itself is still online, but it only serves as a…

  • It has a reference exchange with graphics in real time.
  • Provides relevant information on recognized markets and exchanges.
  • The exchange is outside of trading services in crypto assets and has been considered a scam.
  • Very little information about the founders and developers of the exchange.
  • The social channel available to the exchange is totally inactive.
  • Contact methods for support are outdated.

Revainrating 5 out of 5

Instant Bitex is a smaller cryptocurrency exchange.

We received notification that LendConnect has rebranded to EtherLink as of March 19, 2018. Please make sure to read our review of EtherLink if you are curious about the ‘new LendConnect' platform. Lending platforms are the latest craze in the initial coin offering ecosystem, and are currently launching in droves. These platforms can be somewhat complex, and are difficult to understand even in the best cases due to the intentionally confusing marketing they use to obfuscate the specifics of…

  • Cryptocurrency is available for deposit method.
  • Download for ios and android.
  • Multi factor security and very low fees.
  • Wire transfert and credit card are available for deposit method.
  • This exchange doesn’t charge different fees between takers and makers.

Instant Bitex is a quite average cryptocurrency exchange where traders can normally sell or buy coins/tokens but they may not be impressed with the design, KYC process, and typo mistake. The risk of exit scam on this exchange may be low as it is regulated in The U.S.

  • - This exchange is regulated by U.S. government - A referral program is available to encourage the users - Monitoring the trading is very easy - There is no minimum deposit amount - Strictly requirement for withdrawal - Trading with fiat is available
  • - Very low volume is a big minus to this exchange - The team is not reliable as they usually fail to keep their promises. One of the biggest lies is that they said to buy back the exchange native coin with a high price but nothing did happen. Even though the users contact with the support or the leaders, they still keep silent - The design is very basic and not attractive. - The registration process does not require the user to create a strong password to secure their account - It is super hard to complete a KYC on this exchange as the site is very glitchy and the instruction is not clear enough - Authenticator enabled account is a requirement for this exchange which is not so convenient to the users who do not need this level of security - No stop-loss or market option is available - There are a lot of typo mistakes on their websites