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Review on Liquid by Adedamola Adeniji

Liquid exchange has definitely raised the bar by providing an online learning Academy about block chain and cryptocurrencies

Hi, I like to share with you my experience with Liquid exchange. In my quest of finding for myself an exchange with strong security system and a track record of no hack history I discovered Liquid.

It was founded in 2014 and has since then risen to be top 15 exchanges with the average daily trade volume of over 200 million dollars.

What attracted me more to Liquid is that it offers you Crypto and blockchain educational service, I did learnt alot from its online Academy, if you are an astute learner like me it a good place to broaden ones horizon.

Another thing I discovered is that it has a referral system that offers me 30 percent commission on trade fees. I truly love this because it's fees are already good for me but this made it better

Liquid runs on mobile, both Android and iPhone, I am using the Android app and it is fast and very user

From my experience I know that exchanges resident in the US and Japan have to go through one of the strictest known licencing and safety standards. Liquid is based in Japan so my security worries over my digital asset was reduced by this discovery. I strongly recommend liquid to you because of the loads of benefits it offers both newbies and Pro.

Pros & cons

  • Liquid has 24/7 support centre, with speed of thought response.
  • It is available on Mobile, both Android and iPhone users can access their services on the go
  • For me security is always top priority in making the choice of an exchange, I can tell you that liquid is safe, it has no hack history and it is armed with well managed digital asset combining cold wallet and multiparty computation technology.
  • I discovered it only has just seven language options that is a minus because multiple language options will guarantee more access.
  • Not available on iOS