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About Neraex

NERAEX is an entry-level cryptocurrency exchange, which is quickly gaining popularity in the Land of the Rising Sun. While Japan is one of the few countries to regulate the sector, this company is not overseen by the FSA, at least at the time of writing. They still have an interesting offer, which we will explore in this review.

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My review about Neraex

Hello to everyone. I will write to you today about Neraex. Neraex is a cryptocurrency exchange created in Japan in 2017. During the times when the exchange was active, it managed to establish a customer community by organizing some events. Neraex…See full review

Neraex: Nowadays, the world is very different from normal parts.

Neraex, in contrast to the various attempts at Japanese writing, is a single modernized currency exchange that is a broad form of Japanese exchange and Japanese trade. It kept the spread of alternative currency types and gave customers the first…See full review

Neraex: the world's modern normal is high contrasted with normal installments.

Neraex is a joined modernized cash trade that is a boundless type of Japanese exchange and Japanese exchange, in contrast to different endeavors in Japanese history. One trade kept different digital forms of money and gave clients the best…See full review

the world’s industrial average is very high compared to average payments.

Neraex is a combined computerized currency exchange that is an incomprehensible form of Japanese trade and Japanese trade, unlike other attempts in Japanese history. One exchange kept various cryptocurrencies and gave customers the best trading…See full review

Neraex began phony and finished phony.

Neraex is a brought together digital currency trade that was an incredible type of exchanging the Japanese time which they exchanged with the trade as extraordinary compared to other venture created in the Japan history. The trade upheld numerous…See full review

An exchange that has stopped operating as a result of a cyber attack

Neraex is a Japanese cryptocurrency exchange founded in 2017. During the exchange's busy periods, it was able to build a client community through hosting events. Neraex, which had done a decent job in 3-4 years and was able to maintain a typical…See full review

This exchange is down.

Neraex Exchange is one of those Exchange platform, that are not mostly affordable. This is because their transactions charges are very high and competitive. Not all traders will be able to cope with their fees. Both their trading and withdrawal…See full review

Neraex review

I tried signing up for Neraex exchange but I later got to realize that the exchange is unaccessible because they have shutdown all cryptocurrency transactions so I couldn't trade on the exchange or even have an experience about their service and…See full review

Neraex review

Neraex is a japan cryptocurrency exchange that was launched in 2017 and was shutdown in 2020,the exchange only worked for a couple of years before it was finally shutdown . I tried accessing the exchange's site but it seems the site has been…See full review

Neraex started fake and ended fake.

Neraex is a centralised cryptocurrency exchange that was a great form of trading in the Japanese time which they traded with the exchange as one of the best project ever developed in the Japan history. The exchange supported many cryptocurrency…See full review