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Review on Nominex by Robiul Islam

Full review about Nominex exchange.

To be honest, I was not familiar with the Nominex exchange, I opened an account as soon as the REV token was listed on the Nominex exchange. I've been using Nominex exchange for the last two days, I deposited USDT there, traded, and chatted with their customer support. I will share my two days of personal experience throughout my review, hopefully this review will be really helpful.

User interface and Registration.

At first I was fascinated by their website design, really UX/UI designers did a good job of making the platform look great. Most of the exchanges are similar to each other, but Nominex exchange is really unique, the developers have created a great platform without following the design of other exchanges. The platform is really easy to use and the dark mode of the platform makes it more unique for those who trade for a long time.

If I talk about the registration process, I would say that it is very easy to register at Nominex with just your email address and password. Although a verification email will come with which to activate the account, it took me less than a minute to receive the verification email.

Offers and Rewards.

I don't know if their bonus offers will last long, but they are currently offering a bonus of 50 USDT for deposit. And they also have a social sharing contest, where you can earn 10 USDT up to 50 USDT by sharing a Facebook / Twitter post. Moreover they also have trading competitions and referral programs.

Nominex Team.

Three of their team members are highlighted on their website, I checked the linkedin profiles of each of them, Truly they have great experience about blockchain and crypto. Alexander Petrovich Chief Technology Officer is using his 13 years of experience in Nominex to build a great platform. They've decorated Nominex with great features and are working on many more features that are different from all other platforms.

Deposit and Withdrawal.

I made a 10 USDT deposit at Nominex which was quickly added to my account. However, in case of USDT deposit, there is a minimum amount which is only 4 USDT, although there is no minimum amount for REV token deposit, So I would suggest you to look at the minimum amount in case of deposit. In case of deposit address you can generate new address every time.

My deposited funds are still in the exchange account, I have not withdrawn yet so I can't say about withdrawal, but I will inform you about withdrawal fee, BTC: 0.0005, LTC: 0.001, ETH: 0.01, REV: 300 REV withdrawal fee seemed too much to me.

KYC and Buy/Sell crypto.

I'm always looking for a platform to trade a little balance where I don't have to do KYC, Nominex is an exchange where you can withdraw 3BTC without KYC. I'm adding a screenshot where you can be sure. You can buy and sell crypto at Nominex using debit and credit cards. They currently have two payment channel: Koinal and Mercuryo.

Customer support and NMX token.

I knocked on their live chat service to check it out, but I didn't get any response even after I finished writing my review, so I can say their support is not very helpful. You can see the screenshot for the chat activity.

Revain has announced that the best review writer will be given an NMX token, so I did some research on this token, it is not a tradable token yet, trade fees can be reduced by using NMX. Current NMX price is 1.1 USDT.

Overall, it is not a very popular exchange, but we can use it because of it's remarkable usefulness, great trust evaluations. I'm giving Nominex 4 stars just because of partnership with Revain, Otherwise my original rating is 3 stars.

Pros & cons

  • It has incredible design and UI.
  • It offers a lot of functionality.
  • New features are continually being added like Margin trading, Futures trading
  • You can try the platform in demo mode with 10K USDT on your balance.
  • The biggest and main problem I have found is that the website does not smooth and after a little use the page gets stuck and you have to refresh and use it again. At first I thought I had a problem with my browser then I tried changing the browser and device but the problem did not change.
  • Their customer support is not responsive.